Stunning Style with Sodalite 💙

October 09, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Imagine a natural stone with a spectrum of breathtaking blue hues. Meet the brand new Sodalite collection of our 10 Way Necklace range. It's pure elegance in every shade!

Be stunning in Sodalite's symphony of beautiful blues!

✨ Captivate everyone with the beauty of our 10 Way Necklace, long and medium strand necklaces, tassels, connectors, and earrings

💎 Choose from rose gold, yellow gold, and silver magnets to match your style

👗  Mix and match Sodalite with our crystals for a unique, stunning look

💫 Wear it long, short, with a tassel, or layered - the choice is yours!

Grab our Sodalite 10 Way Bundle, which includes the 10 Way Necklace, tassel, and mini connectors and enjoy a 10% discount!

Wear pure style and sophistication with Sodalite today!

Watch Maria's video on elegant styling for the Sodalite collection.


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Tassel - Sodalite
10 Way Necklace - Sodalite

(Video Transcript)

 Hi everyone, I'm so excited to bring you the latest in the 10 Way Necklace range, a brand new natural stone called Sodalite. It's just gorgeous. 

Look at these shades of smoky navy from dark to quite light, and is really, really beautiful. 

So if you're a lover of blue, you might just like this gorgeous Sodalite. It comes with the rose gold, the yellow gold, and the silver.

I'm just showing you all here so you can see the how the colours look a little bit different with the magnet, depending on which one you like. 

So let's do some styling shall we?

Now of course we've got long strands and tassels and everything that comes in this beautiful range, and here is just a few styles that you will create with the beautiful Sodalite.

So we've got it in the connectors, shortened simple strands, the triple strand to layer it up, and the tassel.

Look at this, just gorgeous. Once again I might just show you side by side the three different metal colours, there you go.

Isn't that divine, and they all look so good. Blue is one of those colors that just looks amazing with all colours, all three metal colours like the silver, the yellow gold, and the rose gold.

So of course, you can put the tassel short cause  all of our tassels come on a strand, add it to the single strand just by itself, nice and simple.

By the way, I'm wearing the Pinstripe Square Kimono in the Cobalt Blue. Everyone always asks what are you wearing with that? So that's beautiful there.

Of course you can layer it up as well. Now just so you know, a little reminder, we sell the 10 Way Necklace range, every single range in a bundle, so let me just get this back to the beginning.

Again, a bundle is made up of the tassel, the 10 Way Necklace, and the mini connectors.

So while stock levels allow every single set in the range is available in a bundle which is 10% off, which is just a great savings to start off with.

So the way these work together, so I've shown you the tassel, I'll show you the 10 Way Necklace, Now, what's brilliant with the mini connectors is we had quite a few customers say that when you add different pendants onto this, they find that it's too short and not very comfortable for what they're wanting to do. So what we thought we'd do is add in a pair of mini connectors.

Now meanwhile these can add in any length to any design, any necklace, different stylings that you want to do. These are great for that. You can use one or both cause they're sold in a pair.

Now what you can do with your pendants is pop this in to create it to be a little bit longer which is just beautiful. The magnets just look like little features and if you want to, you can then frame this look again with the rest of the triple strand. 

Whether you want to do it long like that, whether you want to do it above the pendant and add the triple strand up here is completely up to you.

Now I want to show you something as well. We did release the Blue Shade Crystal last month and I just wanted to show you something I've just noticed a minute ago cause I was side by side. I feel like the Sodalite is the stone version of the Blue Shade, you've got to see them together.

They're so gorgeous. Look at that. Isn't that beautiful? Cause it's not a it's not a full on in your face blue, it's a very it's kind of like a toned down blue.

And so is the Sodalite, it's like a toned down Sapphire Crystal if you like. It's just beautiful.

So when mixing your colours, which I know a lot of our customers do, don't forget that when you're mixing the same shade, well not the same shade, shades of the same colour, it can look really, really amazing.

So here's an example of how the Sodalite and the Blue Shade look together. So that's just gorgeous. That's just an idea of what it would look like to wear them together.

I might just pop a little connector here at the bottom just to give you an idea of mixing your stone and your crystal for a completely unique look, it's so beautiful.

So I hope you like the new addition to the family and if you do click the link below and you will get go to the entire Sodalite Natural Stone 10 Way Necklace range.