Meet the Sky Blue Crystal Range!

December 07, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


It's a fabulous day to launch the stunning Sky Blue Crystal 10 Way Necklace, which is in divine azure blue. It reminds us of clear waters and the bright blue summery sky.💙

The Sky Blue Crystal 10 Way Necklace is capable of lots of different styles:

💙 Pairs amazingly well with the other 10 Way Necklace colours (Teal, Imperial Jasper, darker blues, silvers, and more) for that elegant look! 

💙 Matches beautifully with pendants

💙 Matches so well with the Turquoise and Golden Hues Kimono and the Satin Yellow Gold Link Necklace

Check out these other bright and beautiful Sky Blue Crystal accessories:


🤍Medium strand

💙Long strand


💙Mini connectors


Watch Maria demonstrate styling possibilities for the lovely Sky Blue Crystal 10 Way Necklace

Available Now! 🤍

This is going to be a short run so shop now before they sell out.😍

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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10 Way Bundles
Sky Blue

Medium & Long
Strand Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Short Earrings
Sky Blue

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're well. We're actually doing this beautiful Sky Blue colour in a translucent transparent kind of crystal. It's just beautiful. The colour is amazing. This is going to be a short run. Meaning once we run out we're not going to get this colour again. So if you like what you see go ahead and have a look. It's available right now in the entire range. Meaning tassels, medium strands, long strands, connectors, mini connectors what did I miss I think and oh and some short earrings which are very very sweet.

Now as you can see like all other 10 Way Necklaces. This is capable of doing lots of different styles. Really amazing. Here it is as a bracelet back there. I mean the blue is quite bright. It's just beautiful. So you can wear it like that. Here is how it looks with sort of the other stones that we've got. So for example here it is with Blue Appetite. Although it's a really bright blue. It goes so well with so many other of the colour palette that we have in the 10 Way Necklace range. So here it is with the White Angel Rock in the natural stone. Then if we were to put it with oh by the way I might pop this on. Like that and like that. Now this goes amazingly well with the Teal. Look at that. So whether you want to pop it in with a bit of Teal that is stunning.

Um We were having a play in the sisterhood today with the Turquoise with Golden Hues Kimono. So then whether you decide to put a bit of satin yellow gold in with it it's going to pick up beautifully on almost any other colour that you can imagine it will go with. And then also even with the appetite. Oh my oh sorry Imperial Jasper. I do that a lot. Look at the Imperial Jasper with it. It is just amazing. And so because this has got this kimono has got like a darker blue as well with it. There you go. Um it also looks it's just incredible.

The colours that you can mix with this is truly stunning and of course being a blue all the silvers are going to look great with it too. Whether you want to go simple and not sparkly with the labradorite or whether you want to bring in the satin silver with this colour or whether you want to bring in a bit of sparkle and go with the Labradorite. Look at that. Completely up to you. So the New Sky Blue is available now in the entire collection but we just can't guarantee how long it's going to last.