Charming Chocolate Link

September 25, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Here's something to sweeten your day! 

Let's talk Chocolate (the jewellery kind, but oh-so-amazing!) 🤩🍫

Remember our iconic Chocolate Pearl 10 Way Necklace? Well, its sophisticated sibling just stepped into the limelight! 

Introducing the Chocolate Link: a delicious combination of the stunning Smoky Quartz stone, the beautiful Satin Chocolate, and of course, the exquisite Chocolate Pearl. You're sure to shine!

Choose your magnets: yellow gold, silver, or rose gold, and explore these options:

🍫 Bracelet Link

🍫 Longer Bracelet Link

🍫 Link Necklace

🍫 Longer Link Necklace

Here's the fun part. Mix, match, and dazzle! You can play around with the bracelet and necklace sizes to create your own unique look. Double the Chocolate Link = Double the fun😉.

If you're craving some chocolatey elegance, 💫 indulge and click the link below.

Watch the video for Maria's stunning styling for the Chocolate Link.


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Link Necklace - Chocolate
LONGER Link Necklace - Chocolate

(Video Transcript)

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all well. So I've got the launch for this week and it's all about chocolate. Well this is the Chocolate Link.

So you know we had the 10 Way Necklace in the Chocolate Pearl released. Well this is the answer to that which is the Chocolate Pearl Link, Chocolate Link.

So what's in this is the Smoky Quartz which we have some in the range that is a natural stone, then you've got a satin Chocolate bead which is just beautiful, look at that. Thinking about whether we want to do a 10 Way Necklace range in that as well.

And last but not least, we have a beautiful Chocolate Pearl, look at that there. So just in case you're wondering, here it is in the yellow gold, just beautiful. In the silver, okay, in the rose gold there, okay. 

So each one just tends to bring out a bit of colour in it. Looks fantastic in all three I think. 

So this is available in the bracelet sizes 21 centimeters and 23 centimeters, and the necklace sizes which is 45 centimeters and 52 centimeters.

I'm here. I'm wearing the 52 centimeter one, just in case you were wondering. Here is the difference in length just for me to hold them up, and then to put on the shorter one with it because a lot of people wear more than one together. Here is the difference. 

How good do they look together? I'm just saying. Here's how they look together. 

Now don't forget you can if you get a matching bracelet or a necklace and different sizes, that kind of thing, you can mix and match them. 

So always look at the mirror, find your magnet because they all feel round and don't start to pull at something that you think is a magnet but may not be. 

Then you can grab your bracelet, if you get the set, and then you can match them, mix and match them to create even more different lengths.

So if you like what you see, click the link below and check out the new beautiful Chocolate Link Necklace.