Meet Our Chain Tassels Lariat Ends and Pendants!

October 25, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Hello Ladies!

I'm delighted to introduce our beautiful Chain Tassels Lariat Ends and Pendants.😍

You can create multiple styles with The Chain Tassels Lariat Ends which can be beautifully draped around your neck in multiple ways, plus you can also create Lariats out of your 10 Way Necklaces. 😍

The lovely Chain Tassel Pendant adds a gorgeous touch to your styling and can be easily connected to the Link Necklace or 10 Way Necklace.✨

Watch Maria demonstrate the products and share different ways to style them!

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Chain Tassels
Lariat Ends

Chain Tassels

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. I hope you're all well. Uh many of you would know these chain tassels as Lariat Ends. By the way we have returned the Lariat pendants and called them Lariat Ends. Uh we're bringing back something else that we used to have and this is going to save some confusion with the girls here in the office and when we're talking about things. So from now on something like this is called a Lariat Ends. So we actually have a Lariat category. Um Lariat Ends category in the website and made up of shell pearls ah different things that you can make ah your necklace into a lariat which we were never able to do before.

And I'll just give you a quick rundown on how you can create lariats now out of your 10 Way Necklaces. Um now also please note the reason why you can't just tie the 10 Way Necklace in a knot the way you would a traditional lariat is because all the stones, pearls, crystals are threaded onto nylon coated wire which is A. gives it strength and B. allows it to sit perfectly circular like this really really nicely rather than just flopping as though it's on like string you know what I mean? So this is lovely I really like the effect that it gives so we've figured out a way how to make a lariat where we couldn't do it before so now I've got a two even pieces of necklace, endless, and that's the whole thing about a lariat that is the definition of a lariat necklace - one that doesn't they don't come together.

There isn't a clasp. There isn't an attachment. There it's just one long necklace that you drape around your neck in many different ways. So if you grab a glasses ring. By the way these are called chain ah Lariat Ends Chain Tassel. Okay. So if you've got a glasses ring like that you can just take the chain tassel off, thread it through and then pop the chain tassel back on. Now with our Lariat Ends you can do this with anything not just chain tassels but I'm showing you this because we're bringing back a product that we have had before. So that's how it sits there. Really really lovely.

We also have and this is what we brought back from before. Um this pendant here. Which is the same chain tassel as before. But it's being sold as a pendant. So we're calling this pendant chain tassel. Okay. So this can be worn short Like that. Very very sweet. Pop in your connectors. Medium length. You could even add some minis. Mini connectors which is this. And then add them to the end and you create a really lovely balanced look.

But of course it doesn't end there. You can actually get any link necklace. So I've grabbed the tricolour. And popped it right here. So how divine is that? Now of course these come in all colours whether it's yellow gold, silver chain tassel and just to let you know as far as some styling goes. The tri-link will go with everything. So each tassel will go with every single tri-link tricolour. Beg your pardon. Link necklace. Beautifully. Really really seamlessly. So that's just a little bit of styling when it comes to our chain pendant tassels or when it comes to our lariat ends in the chain tassel. So enjoy. Uh I hope it gets the creative juices flowing and take care for now.