Beautiful Roses Scarves🌹

August 25, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Bunch of roses, anyone? We're thrilled to introduce our new Roses Scarves. Designed with a fusion of phenomenal colours and a timeless romantic elegance, get ready to feel absolutely spectacular wearing them!

Available in fine wool, modal silk, and silk fabrics, each variant offers a unique experience!

🌹 Imagine the comfort and sophistication as you wrap yourself in the Fine Wool Roses Scarf

🌹 For those seeking an opulent touch, the amazingly soft Roses Scarf in Modal Silk drapes beautifully and promises an unmatched experience. 

🌹 And if you're after an explosion of colour and style, the weightless and vibrant Roses Silk Scarf is the perfect choice.

They all match perfectly with the Red Crystal, Raspberry Crystal, Orange Copper, and Cream Pearl colours of the 10-Way Necklace!

👉 Curious to witness the charm of the Roses Scarves for yourself? Don't wait a moment longer and get ready to transform your outfit into a true masterpiece! Shop the Rose Scarves today.

Watch Maria's video for styling suggestions for the Roses Scarves.


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Scarf - Modal Silk - Roses
10 Way Necklace - Raspberry Crystal

(Video Transcript)


Would you look at this bunch of roses, anyone? We have got this beautiful new roses scarf, the colours in it are just phenomenal. It's beautiful very… it's got this lovely romantic feeling and we showed it once in a Flash Sale and everyone loved it so I thought I'd get it back in all three fabric colours.

So this is the fine wool which is just amazing, really lovely and warm, very very soft. 

Then I'm wearing the modal silk which is beautiful, so so nice. I've paired it with the Red Crystal. I might pop this down so you can see a bit clearer. I put it with the Red Crystal but I really also wanted to see how it looks with a few different colours.

So let's pop it in with the Raspberry Crystal now. So let's see how it just picks up on the little bits of Raspberry throughout, it's just beautiful. Then, I'm getting ideas as I look through, Orange Copper. Because this Rose here which is repeated throughout, Oh my gosh like really. You could really really wear that as well. 

Then I really want to see the Cream Pearls with it. Just oh my goodness gracious, how beautiful and classy is that? 

Now let's just have a look at the silk one as well. The silk scarf, always narrower than the fine wool and the modal. Look at how it just floats on air. I love the way it's weightless. Look at this. This, the silk is usually the most vibrant in the colours. Modal silk being a very very close second, and the fine wool. If you wanted to see all three side by side. 

Fine wool is probably the most muted, simply because of the surface of the fabric, is the least shiny. See the difference?  

There, you've got silk, modal silk just as bright in this particular print, and then you've got fine wool over there, so you can see the difference in all three there.

So and what's super cute about the silk is that you can wrap it. It's even, like yes it does provide some warmth on the neck which is just, you know of course it's lovely, it's a scarf, but you can just have it for a little touch of colour, plain black outfit, and then hello, beautifully touched with a bit of colour there.

So if you like the look of the Roses Scarves, get on over to the website and have a look at what's available.