Get a Free Gift For My Birthday!

February 01, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola

I'm celebrating my birthday, and guess what? You're getting the present! 🎁🎂

To celebrate my birthday on February 1st, we're giving away a FREE GIFT and the birthday fun starts now! 💖

Get the lovely FREE Tri-Colour Link Bracelet (valued at $39 AUD) with every purchase of over 90AUD/65 USD from the Maria Nicola website. 🤩

The Link Bracelet is gorgeous worn on its own or paired with all of the Maria Nicola jewellery, accessories, and fashion items:

💖The 10 Way Necklace

💖Long and medium strand necklaces

💖Tassels & Pendants

💖Earrings & Bracelets

💖Kimonos, Capes, Scarves and more!

We only have 300 of these Tri-Colour Link Bracelets to give away, so hurry before these free gifts run out!

Once your order reaches 90 AUD (approx 65 USD) or more, a pop-up will appear for you to select the magnet colour and add the Free Gift to your cart. ✅

This offer is valid from Feb 1st (8 am AEDST) until February 5th (11:59 pm AEDST) or while stocks last. It’s limited to 1 free gift per person and cannot be combined with any other free gift offer.

Join me in celebrating another fabulous year around the 🌞 and add some sparkle to your collection. 🤩

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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(Video Transcript)

Free gift anyone? Yes it's my birthday and I'm giving the gifts. If you go to Marina Nicola. com and spend over $90 AUD you will be offered a beautiful free bracelet that will go with your entire jewellery collection because this gorgeous bracelet has all three gold colours in it. It's got rose gold, satin, yellow gold and silver all in a beautiful satin finish and you just have to choose the different colour magnet to go with the rest of your Jewellery Collection. Now, the fantastic thing about this bracelet is it will go with the rest of your 10 Way Necklace collection. So, whether you choose to match your magnets or mix and match your magnets, it's completely up to you. So, you can add it to the single strand. It's not just a bracelet.

You can also add it to the triple strand. So, this could give a beautiful little popper feature over here and because it's a neutral, it'll go with everything including bright colors and the Purple Rain Kimono which you can wear from long to short as well. Or you may prefer your neutrals. Here is the beautiful Tri-Color Bracelet with the gorgeous Smokey Quartz Crystal and real Smokey Quartz Stone 10 Way Necklace. And I've teamed this up with the Tree of Life Kimono that again you can wear long and short which is just the perfect match. Now just in case you're a seasoned Maria Nicola 10 Way Necklace collector and you're thinking, "But I have many pieces. What more could I possibly get to advantage of this free necklace?"

We've had a bit of a launch today. We have added our stunning Sparkle Ring Pendants. How amazing is this? Now not only are they a pendant on their own. They also serve as lariat rings. Let me show you what I mean. So here is the pendant used with the bracelet there mixed in with this range. Once again you can wear this shorter, longer, you can pop the ring on the other side so here we are with our beautiful free bracelet along with a launch that we had today if you just want to get some ideas on what to purchase to get your cart to the $90 mark for the free gift. But I was talking about lariats wasn't I? Well this is where it all gets very interesting. So let's pop a couple of other pieces in to really get this going.

So now I've got the bracelet, a connector at the back, and the single strand which all came from the Smokey Quartz. I'm threading the single strand through the gorgeous brand new Sparkle Ring. Popping the other connector at the end of the ring. Now we have many different lariat pieces. One of the pairs are lariat pendants. Now you can pop this at the end and create a stunning look. This can go with long styles, short styles. It is just beautiful. It's amazing how creative you can get with the beautiful new pieces that we've got. Not to mention the free $39 AUD bracelet that you shall receive. So just go to

Get shopping and once you hit the $90 AUD mark, you will be prompted to choose from the magnets of rose gold, yellow gold, or silver which is what I'm wearing. But don't stress. A bracelet like this will go with your entire jewellery collection. Doesn't matter which one you pick. So go to as stocks are limited. So get going now.