Stylish Kimono, Leather Bag & Italian Knit😍

May 11, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Get ready for fabulousness with our new arrivals that will elevate your outfits!

💖Our widely requested lovely Zebra Print Sage/Khaki Square Kimono which can be worn in different ways, suits a lot of body types, and drapes beautifully.💫

💖The chic Anna Leather Bag has a quilted patchwork effect. You can wear it over the shoulder, as a crossbody bag, or detach the straps for a gorgeous clutch bag. It's unique and functional with its generous zips and pockets.😍

💖Our beautiful Cinque Terre Italian Knit top, which I truly love, is great as relaxed wear and perfect for in between seasons. Mix and match with colours and get creative wearing this stunning knit top. Available in Khaki/Sage, White, Grey, and Faun.😍

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Leather Bag - Anna

Italian Knit - Cinque Terre

(Video Transcript)


So let's get started, shall we? So in this beautiful Zebra Print top, it's just divine. The background is like a Khaki slash Sage depending on which part of the world you come from, what you call it, background, and the stripe, the Zebra kind of stripe is, a Navy cum Black, it's really really hard to pinpoint. I've popped it with the Indian Agate and I just love it.

And what's really lovely about these new Square Kimonos is the hemline is as you can see, it's more like an, a square kind of cut we've really made it a lot more geometric and a lot of women have been requesting this and we're just really happy about how it suits a lot of different body types.

So whether you want to just pop it over you know, singlet top, pants, swimming, costume, dress, it's totally up to you.

Here's a few different ways that you can wear it. So you can gather it up, do a little knot in the front, super cute. This looks fabulous over a little summer frock, a dress, whatever you like, and shorts, whatever you like. Just beautiful little short-waisted jacket, cum throw over top if you like, then you can actually grab these two corners, pop it around the back behind your back, in front of the back fabric, put like a loose little double knot, and then look at what happens.

So you've got lovely arm cover, the front of your outfit is not covered at all depending on what you're wearing, whether you want to show off the detail in the front and in the back, you've still got the coverage across the back. Which is just oh, look at that. You can see the side of the back, It's so cute. So that's that there.

Now let's try some draping with one of our extender magnets. Let's grab this one side from three quarters of the way down, okay. Bring it over the top, across the top, and then pop in your extender magnet, one underneath and one on top, okay?

Now that, oh depending on what you're wearing underneath, that is a bit cute. You could start to play with it. Bring it to the side, oh that is really, really cute. And like you, you may know by now, these extender magnets also can leave you, can allow you to have different lengths with the sleeves.

So you just gather it up, this is often easier to do while it's still on the coat hanger. I've got the extender, the chain extender right there. Put one underneath one over the top, and there you go, you change the sleeve look completely. So that is the beautiful Sage slash Khaki Square Kimono.

And then we've got the Anna bag. Now what's beautiful about these is they come in a gorgeous Chocolate, it's like quilted, woven look but it's not woven. It's like hand stitched diagonally like that in a beautiful large quilted kind of effect, and then you've got the Black. So the Chocolate and the Black is just divine.

So the way the Anna bag works, it has got detachable straps, meanwhile it's a crossbody bag. So and there's lots of room to move here. This strap has still got more than half these legs to make it shorter, so you can make it like a little over-the-shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

Then you can also remove the strap easily with the claws, super easy, nice, and big, and bulky so it makes it easy to detach and have it as a little clutch bag, pretty cute.

Then on the outside, there's a very generous zip that nice deep pockets, all these bags are just wonderful that way, and on the inside, we've got a generous zip again which is beautiful. Nice and deep in there.

You've got the main crux of the bag running through the middle, and an open pocket on the other side. All the Zips and the pockets are all lined with a beautiful leather lining matching perfectly. The fabric lining matching perfectly with the leather on the outside of the Anna bag.

Last but not least, for this launch, we have the beautiful Cinque Terre Italian Knitted top. I am so in love with these Knitted Tops, it's just a lovely relaxed way, I used to call it sloppy, but now I'm calling it relaxed, our way of wearing clothing. And it's just so lovely, perfect for in-between seasons, although having said that, should you want to pop a turtleneck underneath, long sleeves, it is fantastic.

I've got a singlet as you can see, and it's just beautiful, and then on top of that you can then change the way the top looks depending on what you wear underneath.

So let's just say I've grabbed a Charcoal Slate, put look at that, it gives it a completely different look, completely different look.

So you can mix and match your colors and really get creative with this gorgeous Italian Knit.

So for now, this comes in the beautiful Khaki slash Sage, because we call it different colors in different parts of the world. We've got it in the White which is beautiful, the Grey which is lovely, and the Faun, which is just divine.

So I hope you've enjoyed this week's launch and it's just been amazing. Why don't I pop on a gorgeous Anna leather bag just to finish my little outfit?