Meet our Tree of Life and Barcelona Modal Silk Scarves!

October 27, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Hello Ladies!

Add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your outfits with our gorgeous scarves!🤩

The Tree of Life Modal Silk Scarf with its stunning neutral colours🤍 Barcelona Modal Silk Scarf with its attractive colour shades 💙 are just divinely soft to touch.

Style them as a wrap or use bolero style, as a vest, or for a cowl neck effect!

Pair with the Desert Jasper or Imperial Jasper 10 Way Necklaces, and more! 😍

There are endless style possibilities for these modal silk scarves that drape so beautifully!🥰

Shop the Tree of Life Modal Silk Scarf 🤍

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Watch the video to see Maria demonstrate how to style the scarves. 🤩

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Modal Silk Scarf
Tree of Life

Modal Silk Scarf

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone I hope you're well. The Tree of Life scarf has been so popular. We've had it in the past in the silk and this is it now in the Modal Silk. It's wider. It's got a beautiful weight and as you can see it is a little bit sheer. So I thought I'd show you some styling designs with it with the Tree of Life Modal Silk as well as the Barcelona. So we've had these fabrics before in kimonos and capes and now I want to show you the scarf. So here's a couple of ideas that you can use whenever you want. So as a wrap absolutely fantastic. If you're not wanting it to drape too much at the front and you're wanting to show off more of your outfit here is a little trick. So grab these two points here. And just tie them at the back of your back. So just a little double knot. Not too tight. And you create more of like a bolero kind of effect. It's out of your way. It serves as a jacket. Fantastic arm cover.

And super super simple. How beautiful is that? So next you can actually wear it I mean draped long is just so simple and easy. And then you can wear it the way that most people I think wear it this way you double it up but I like to leave it off centre and actually to create even a little bit more length you grab it by the point and then hang it then put it off centre to get nice pointy ends coming down then you grab the two ends over here the loop over there bring it around the neck And have it lovely around the neck there creating beautiful warmth and cover. Now these like I said the point creates a little bit more length where you normally wouldn't have it. So it's totally up to you whether you like that or not. Now let's switch to the Barcelona.

By the way what I'm wearing this with because everyone always asks after what I was wearing with what? This is the gorgeous brand new Desert Jasper which has got all the beautiful neutral colours that appear in the Tree of Life cape. Now let's put on the from one jasper to another. The Imperial Jasper. And I've forgotten this way I just did it then. What you do is for a really quick short style. You get your you separate the magnets. Slide it along to roughly the length that you would like. Whip it round. Put it back together. And then magnetise the connectors together. So this creates a really cute look like that. You can have the the connectors showing or spin it to back and have a really lovely layered look through the front. Very very cute.

Now back to the Barcelona scarf. Here's another style. You can actually create a vest out of your style. So out of your scarf sorry. So get your scarf like this point it together bring the two points together so you've got two corners in one hand and the corner of the scarf in the other okay then bring these together and again tie them in a double knot okay right then what you'll find is you've got two arm holes you're left with two arm holes there right flip it round And there you have a lovely vest. So whether you want to wear this over a singler top T-shirt it's really very cute and there you go there. Really really nice. Okay. Now last but not least. I'm going to show you a style from the Sparkle Sisterhood that she mentioned the other day and I thought this was super cute. Now once again fold your scarf in half. Scarves in half.

And then put your points together again. Okay. Then so here is here's my scarf folded in half. Then lean back. Fold make a bit of a triangle across the body and grab this point. Okay so now I've got the two points like this. Then again a double knot Okay. Then simply over the head. And what's lovely is that you can actually wear this every which way in every which direction. So whether you want to have it off the shoulder on one side and hanging onto the shoulder on the other side. Whether you want to just kind of scrumple it up and make it not so perfect.

Whether you want to have the knot at the back and this hanging down the front to create like a lovely kind of cowlick kind of a ah not cowlic cowl neck cowl neck effect really really nice and whether you want to just have the the knot tight at the base of the neck and well and truly off one shoulder totally up to you and last but not least once again bring the drape part at the back and leave the knot at the front so I hope that's given you some ideas to style your scarves that you've got at home and if you like these ones this is called Barcelona in Modal silk and the lovely Tree of Life in the other you.