New Elegance: Iris on Green Scarves 🌿

March 08, 2024 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Exciting news! Our Iris on Green Scarf Collection just landed, and it’s a stunner. As we say, beauty is in the details. And this collection? Love at first sight.💫
It's all about the gorgeous blend of colours: lovely touches of oranges, navy, and mint greens, all against a captivating dark green background. 
Paired with our Orange Copper 10 Way Necklace, it creates a perfect elegant ensemble!🔥
It's AVAILABLE NOW in these three fabrics:
💚 Silk: Soft, flowy, and oh-so-chic.
💚 Modal Silk: Lighter print, wider style.
💚 Fine Wool: Cozy, a tad darker, and just gorgeous
Guess What’s Coming Next? 👘
Our passion for the Iris on Green print has inspired us so we’re bringing this beauty into Kimonos and Capes as well!
Think of the Kimono in a snug double Viscose and the Capes that you can style however your heart desires. Stay tuned for these exciting additions! 
Ready to add a splash of elegance and a dash of colour to your wardrobe? Can’t wait for you to check out our Iris on Green Scarves.💫
Watch Maria's video for fabulous styling.💫 



Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Scarf - Modal Silk - Iris On Green
10 Way Necklace - Orange Copper Crystal

(Video Transcript)


Hi Ladies! This week's launch is the beautiful Iris on Green Scarf.
We've got it in all three fabrics and it's just divine. It's got lovely little touches of orange here and there that's why I'm wearing the Copper Orange 10 Way Necklace, some navy, the mint greens through here and the beautiful dark green background which is really really lovely. 
Now here is the Silk so soft and flowy and so nice as well.
Then you've also got the Modal Silk. Now as you can see, the print on this has turned out a little bit lighter. Just as beautiful and really really nice.
The Modal Silk is wider than the Silk. So there you can see the two colours next to each other there. 
And we've also got the beautiful fine wool. So this is lovely, it's turned out a little bit darker like the silk as well, just as wide as the Modal Silk and so nice. 
So these are three fabrics right there. 
Just to let you know, in case you prefer a Kimono or maybe even a Scarf in this fabric, in a couple of weeks, we are getting them in the Kimono, and the Cape as well.
So first we've got a double Viscose Kimono, just one fabric in this. Like the Viscose but a little bit thicker. 
This is subtly see-through, so really just ever so slightly see-through, not a lot, and really lovely as long as the fine wool, oh sorry the Modal Silks and the Viscose Kimonos, and yes, we are also getting it in the Cape as well.
So I just wanted to make sure that you knew more of this print is coming because I just loved it so much that I simply could not resist.
So whether you choose to wear the cape long and simple, or draped is totally up to you.
But these are coming, the Kimono and the Capes are coming and the three fabric scarves are available right now.