Timeless Pinstripe Kimonos 👘

September 11, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

Our lovely Pinstripe Square Kimonos have arrived! 🌟

These kimonos are the perfect blend of timeless elegance and simplicity, and you can wear them over plain or patterned outfits. Their delicate chiffon fabric, they offer unparalleled softness and versatility for any occasion, from casual outings to special events.

Discover the captivating colours of our Pinstripe Kimonos below:


Vibrant and energetic, gives a pop of colour to brighten any of your outfits.


Profoundly sophisticated, it's your go-to choice for making a striking statement.


Gives you an aura of sophistication and timeless chic, versatile for any occasion.


Ethereal and pure, adds grace to your style.

And here's the icing on the cake: each stunning Pinstripe Square Kimono harmoniously pairs with our diverse 10 Way Necklace colours, giving you endless style options. 

Don't wait. Effortlessly combine elegance and comfort. Shop these kimonos today.

Watch the video for Maria's expert styling for the Pinstripe Kimonos.


Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Square Kimono - Pinstripe - Aubergine
Square Kimono - Pinstripe - Black

(Video Transcript)


Hey everyone, I hope you're well. So we've had some new Pinstripe Square Kimonos come in, they are beautiful. Just divine.

The Pinstripe is so sheer and so soft that you could wear this over plain fabrics or pattern fabrics whatever you like. It's just a nice little cover exactly the same pattern as all the other Square Kimonos that we've sold to date and just beautiful of course.

Elegant to wear, plain, nice and simple with jeans, tie it up in the front, leave it dangled long so cute. 

So this is how the Cobalt one looks over white I'll show you how it looks over black in a moment. 

Here is the lovely Aubergine in the Square Kimono, isn't it gorgeous? The pinstripes are very very soft because of the purple threading. The Purple fabric, sorry going over the whole thing. As you can see it's hard to tell whether it's silver or gold, so it would really go with any of your jewellery if that's a concern for you.

Really beautiful, worn long and simple, pushed back a bit to create more of an angular look at the side, or of course you can tie it up in the front for a different look again.

Here is the lovely white, again sheer, they're all sheer, it's just beautiful.

The Pinstripe here looks a little more silvery but again it's very hard to pick what kind of colour it is and it's just lovely. Imagine this on holidays, nice and fresh, easy to wear. Roll it up and throw it in your bag.

And now to show you another colour.

Now for the Black, such an elegant look.

This is how it looks over white, I'll be showing you over black in a minute and really really lovely, these are so soft and very very comfortable to wear.

Once again you can make it a bit more casual if you'd like to do it in a knot, but as you can see, wearing it with jeans, or maybe a little bright dress whatever you think is just lovely too.

Now here is the Black on black. Wow what an elegant look, very dramatic. It's just beautiful. 

As you can see, see still sheer there where my top ends underneath, but over the black it's just lovely. So there is the Black on black.

Now here's the White on black, way nicer than what you would think. Creates a beautiful dramatic effect. Mutes down the black underneath beautifully, and still has the lovely sheer with the Pinstripes as you can see, for a completely different look. 

Here is the Aubergine on Black. So by the way, I was wearing the sapphire with the Sapphire Link and the Blue Shade, the Black with the Black Crystal and the Black Link, the White with the White Link and the Pearl 10 Way Necklace there.

Okay so this is the Purple Link Necklace and the Purple, Dark Purple, Deep Purple Crystal 10 Way Necklace.

Okay so here is the Aubergine on black, another beautiful dramatic effect, really really lovely. It just is so elegant, so so nice to see the beautiful Aubergine on black.

Now here is the Cobalt on black, oh wow just beautiful. It's really really lovely. It's wonderful to be able to show you on light colours and on dark colours how these kimonos look and it really is beautiful. You can do no wrong and of course that's even without adding other colours into the mix as well.

So I hope you've liked our collection of Pinstripe Kimonos. We can't always guarantee that we can get more, at the moment, we are well stocked. 

So take a look, see what you like. So we hope you like our new Pinstripe Kimonos.