Beautiful Italian Knits😍

June 09, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Hey Ladies!

I'm thrilled to introduce to you the latest beautiful addition to our range, the gorgeous Italian Knits. 💫 

I'd love to know your opinion on these stunning lovely loose knit tops that are a perfect combination of comfort and style, and give so much warmth, making them a wardrobe must-have. 😍

They are versatile and great to wear in between seasons, and comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day or evening.

The Italian Knits come in short or longer lengths and come in these beautiful styles:


💖Cinque Terre 

With each style offering a variety of colors, you can easily pair these knits with any singlets or tops in your wardrobe.🤩

Watch the video and see Maria demonstrate styling and how the Italian Knits match and contrast very well with white or black.


I would really like to know if you love them, and I hope the Italian Knits become an instant classic in your wardrobe.😍

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Italian Knit - Cinque Terre

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. So I am super excited to get your opinion on this new Italian Knit that I'm wanting to offer in the range, uh they're just so beautiful I've already worn it now because you know how I like to test drive out new products. 

Actually all products but especially new ones just to make sure I'm happy with the quality, the wearability, the versatility, and just to make sure that I just love it, and I love these new Italian Knits that we're going to be offering you in three different styles. 

So uh the first one which you're going to call this the Portofino, why not stick to the Italian theme. So we first have off the rank around April 26th, we're thinking of launching this one at the moment.

Now, it's beautiful. It's got this lovely loose knit. Now if you this is like a real sloppy all these Knits okay, it's a bit more of a sloppy look, just kind of whatever hangs off you can wear it off center off to one shoulder or the symmetrical ladies are twitching and if you're out there you know what I'm talking about.

I've worn it under with a singlet on top, a lower neck top, a um, just it's so versatile so now today the weather's cooler, so I've chosen to wear this longer sleeve top for a bit more warmth and I'm actually quite surprised at how much warmth these tops give us.

They're a really really great in-between season kind of top, or going out in the evening when there's absolutely no warmth at all like as in if it was a hot day you could even wear it in the evening with a singlet underneath whether it's tight or loose, it works. And I'm going to pop some images for this top at the end of this video. 

So you can see it against the contrasting of white and the contrasting of black, okay.

So this is the Portofino, seam down the middle, the knit down the middle, rather than the seam, long-ish sleeves to the very end of my arms like that with a little bit of ribbing, beautiful.

The back, the back covers my butt. I'm short so beautiful but it'll cover if you're taller, it'll cover three quarters to half of your butt, so totally up to you. However, having said that, if you choose to wear it higher, you'll get it shorter in the front,longer at the back. So yeah, party in the back, okay.

So that's Portofino, and so far at the moment, it will come in small numbers because I want to see what the response is like with you girls, the Navy which is what I'm wearing, the Sky Blue, the Natural, the Grey, and the Chocolate.

Okay so look at the images to follow now against white and black. 

Now this one we've called the Cinque Terre. Similar to the Portofino. However the differences are this. The sleeves are a little bit shorter, not gathered together with ribbing, just left to be open like this, and really lovely. 

No seam down the middle as you can see, just evenly knitted all the way through. Okay that's how it looks there, clearly is going to fit you know a lot of sizes here, it's just amazing.

Both the Portofino and this will definitely fit a lot of sizes. Beautiful, I really really love this.

And again, you can bring it lowish at the front and then a high-ish, high-ish at the front and you'll get the low at the back. Or if I wore it to the normal with the arm seam going down the middle of my arm, my butt is still covered, most of it. And uh lower at the front. 

So again if you were to wear a V-shaped neckline or singlet, whatever you like under even something loose, please don't think that you can only wear tight things underneath.

I've worn it with looser tops underneath, I've worn it with singlets tight and loose underneath, looks amazing, okay. And they're just really really beautiful.

So that is the Cinque Terre, and for the moment we will be getting it in the Faun, which is the color that I'm wearing, the Grey, the Khaki, and the White.

So watch for the videos after this little clip to see how these different colors look against black and white.

And this is the Capri. So this Italian Knit is just beautiful, they're all different within their own right, and this one is uh just lovely. So this ribbing here is way more solid than the other two, and longer, okay.

And it's one of our three-quarter length sleeves, so you might be getting, seeing my sleeve a little bit too much here. I'll just lift it up so it gives you a really good indication of how long the sleeve is, so that's just beautiful there.

I've worn it black on black just so you can see what it looks like with similar colors uh wearing underneath which is beautiful.

I will have the images at the end so you can see contrasting and against white and black or similar colors with it as well, and it's just beautiful.

It's more of a square kind of top, a bit more structure to it. The knit is a little thicker than the other two, and um but all three are just so soft and beautiful and just are made comfortable to wear, super comfortable.

Now if I put my arms out you can see it is a very straight across the bottom in the front, and straight across the bottom in the back kind of top. Again, I do have butt cover. 

There isn't as much room to move as the other two to kind of flip it a bit further back or forward as it is more of a boat neck across the top. Just so lovely, this one as well.

And the colors for now, that it will come in, are the Black, the Natural, the Beautiful Pink, that is just a gorgeous soft pink, and the Grey. 

So I'd love to hear any feedback you have on these. Let me know which ones you like, what you don't like, if you think you'd wear them, if you don't think you'd wear them, I welcome your input immensely.