Wrap Yourself in Style 💖

June 22, 2023 by Author Maria Nicola



Get ready to wrap yourself in breathtaking style with the latest items in our fashion collection! 💛

💖 Drape yourself in the head turning Pine Lime Square Kimono with a wonderful zebra print, pine lime stripes against a white background.

💖 Experience the timeless charm of our Turquoise Doors Scarf in modal silk. Very lightweight and flowy, it's perfect for the winter or summer seasons, it's a versatile piece you'll love.

💖 Add a pop of colour and sophistication to your look with our Autumn Garden Cape in Fine Wool that fits any size. It can be draped over the shoulder for chic layering or worn as a scarf.

💖 Go for style and elegance with our lovely Ponchos in Mint, Red, and Purple Plum. Made of fine wool and cashmere, they offer both beauty and comfort. Wear them over a singlet or a long-sleeved top and pair with our gorgeous jewellery for a stunning look.

Hurry and shop these stunning fashion items today! 


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PONCHO - Purple/Plum
Scarf - Modal Silk - Turquoise Doors

(Video Transcript)

This week's launch has been all about clothing, so let's start with the summer regions of the world.

We've got the beautiful Pine Lime Square Kimono. You might recall Gina wearing this a lot on our recent trip to Cyprus, she absolutely loved it. And these Square Kimonos are proving to be very very popular. 

The print is like a zebra kind of print with a Pine Lime stripe and a white background, really really lovely. Like all the other Square Kimonos, it quite nicely covers the butt. Super soft, very very washable, wearable, throw it in your bag, doesn't crease, it's just fantastic. And you just tie a little knot in the front if you wanted to wear it differently, whether it's over a summer dress or whatever. So let's see what we have next in this week's launch. 

This is the beautiful Turquoise Doors Scarf in the modal silk. It's beautiful pictures of doors taken from all over the world and Mosaiced together to create a gorgeous pattern.

Our modal silk is a beautiful weight of a scarf that can be worn for winter season and summer, because the fabric is just amazing, really lightweight, and not especially warm, but will allow air to flow if you just want a little bit of pop to your outfit, but also will give you cover around the neck if you wear it in such a way. So that is the beautiful Turquoise Doors Scarf.

The beautiful Autumn Garden in our fine wool cape, just beautiful. The colours in this are truly amazing. You've got like creams, browns, charcoal, teal, blue, red, all the colors are muted here. You can see at the back how the  pattern's looking really really  beautiful. 

Now of course our capes can be worn just like that, they've got no sizing, no armholes, so they will fit any size at all. Whether you choose to drape it across the shoulder very very easily like that, or whether you can actually, whether you actually choose to wear it as a scarf. Watch this. 

So this, if you wear it like get it like that, so both sides to one side, and this side is the solid side that was on my back, then you I can get one of the pieces, drape that over the neck, you've still got the front. So you've got like all the  benefits of a scarf, as well as the bits still hanging down, or wear it across with both sides just like that. 

And meanwhile that's just getting started, the styling that you can create with our beautiful fine wool capes.

And last but not least, we have the beautiful Ponchos. This is the gorgeous Mint Poncho. It's a combination of fine wool and cashmere, really really beautiful. Very comfortable to wear.

This is the Red Poncho, it's just so beautiful,  soft, and lovely to wear with the cashmere fine wool combination. As you can see, you can wear it over a singlet, long sleeve top, a scarf as well, and of course your jewellery can be worn too.

And this is the beautiful Purple Plum, I can't decide which color I want to, I want to go with both. Purpley Plum, beautiful fine wool and cashmere blend poncho, really soft and comfortable to wear, covers everything up nice and easily.

So I hope you've enjoyed this week's launch. There's quite a bit of clothing to choose from and if you like what you see, click the link below and go to all the new pieces.