Fabulous Ways To Style a Multicoloured Scarf

March 01, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


A multicoloured scarf is one of the best ways to zhuzh up even the simplest outfit! 💃

It gives you endless styling options, and you can create fabulous looks for every day AND special occasions. You can make it as glamorous or as casual as you like, it’s completely up to you. 😍

Watch Maria share her favourite ways to style a multicoloured scarf and get inspired! Plus, get 20% off on the Fine Wool Pebbles Scarf when you shop now.

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Scarf - Fine Wool

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Rose Quartz

10 Way Necklace
Raspberry Crystal


(Video Transcript)

And you could style with so many colours, whether you choose one colour from the print or jewel colors, it really is gorgeous. So I've chosen for the moment, the Sapphire link necklace, along with the red. I've put a little bit of red above it and some red below it, and it just goes with it beautifully. Now you can easily turn this into something a little more dressy by grabbing the black link. Look at that. It's gorgeous. It's got the lava, the black crystal and the black agate, and you can layer it up, mix it up a little bit. And you can also do things like grab the black crystal, the triple strand of it, and add some sparkle underneath, which is just so lovely. Now you can also do things like add different colors. So let's remove the red for a moment and let's focus on some purple. So, because as I said, it's got so many different colors in it, you can just keep adding and adding. So I'm going to add the connectors with the triple strand underneath as well.

And my top being white carries the color of the white through, which is just spotted here and there in amongst the pebbles beautifully. So you can so do things like, let's remove this black link and look at that. You can make it as glamorous, as casual as you like. Now let's just do something interesting here. I'm going to get the two corners of the fine wall cape, right. Tie them at the back, A, just for a different look, but B it's going to stop falling off me while I keep styling. Now, the other great thing about this, sorry, fine wool scarf, not cape. The other fantastic thing about this is that it's now 20% off. So if you ever thought to grab this for yourself, now would be the time to do it. So here I've got three different layers of triple. If you love a good cascading look, this is divine.

I've now got the raspberry crystal, which again, there's raspberry in this as well. Now I'm going to just take off a couple of layers and perhaps bring in the emerald green. The emerald green is relatively new to the range, and it really is gorgeous. Now, actually, what I'm going to do is I might grab the connectors from this, pop these in here like that. Then I'm going to grab the raspberry link, but in the bracelet. Pop that there. And it's just so sweet, isn't it? So again, we're mixing in colours that already appear in these beautiful fine wool scarf and bringing it to life in the front here.

And let's grab the raspberry in the link as well, and add a short and long layered look. Now you can also not have it so long. Add this little look in there, just a little bit of emerald there and there. And we can also grab the emerald tassel, which is divine. Get the link necklace, bring it round. You get your magnet. Slide, always slide your magnets, don't pull. And then pop the tassel onto the link. I love the link at the back of the neck just as much as I love it at the front. I love that it's not your typical kind of look there. And it really is just so pretty. Now, of course, don't forget you can keep it monotone. So let's just for example, go with a single raspberry there, add a raspberry tassel underneath. And it really does look amazing.

Now we've all been embracing the neck mess in the sparkle sisterhood. Now you may wonder what a neck mess is. Well, you end up in a mess. And what you need to do is get a few pieces in a long strand. So what it does is it allows you to create something a little more unique, a little bit more unusual that you wouldn't ordinarily be able to do because it's one long stretch. So say for example, I've got a single strand. This is all in the raspberry. Single strand, connector, necklace in the link, connector again, and the bracelet.

Now here's where you start to have some fun. You actually can start to wind around your neck, pop it around, and then it's completely up to you whether you want to leave them same length, whether you would like to leave one short, one long, off center, bring them back around to center it up. And then you can actually start to add different pendants. I'm going to add a pop of the purple, just for something different. Just a little pop of colour, just like that. Oh, look at that. That's just beautiful. Now, if we come around just a little bit more, have this magnet at the very, very bottom, you can actually add in something long. So whether you want to add in the [inaudible 00:05:28] tear drop, that's a bit cute. Let's just take this out for a minute. The future tear drop, maintaining all the one colour in that, which is really, really divine. Whether you want to have the sparkle sisterhood pendant like that. Really, really sweet.

Whether you want to add the chain tassel. I too frequently overlook the chain tassel. It really, really is a very nice piece in the collection. Can add really a beautiful touch to your range there. And then meanwhile, you can also go for a horizontal pendant. So let's grab the pink in the rose quarts, and that can sit sideways too. So it's just a couple of ways to accessorize something with lots of colors, whether you do jewel colours or triple colors or just one. So the scarf now is at 20% off, like I said. And there are many, many new items added to our last chance item sales section. So go to the last chance items and have a look now.