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September 13, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

These gorgeous trays in 12 different designs are perfect for your jewellery, perfume and even as an art piece for your wall!

(Video Transcript)

As many of you know, I love a good collaboration when I come across a company that I feel is relevant to you, I've tried it, I love it. And also the quality, the quality is really, really important to me and that the company stands behind its products. So I will not compromise in anything else that I like or that I do. So you've been well aware now of our clothing, the capes, kimonos, silk scarves, Italian silk clothing. It's just been a beautiful journey. And the company has been amazing to work with. Those companies have been amazing to work with, which is also really important to me. I think life's too short to be dealing with people that you don't want to deal with, and while you have a choice on it, let's stick to companies that are really lovely and appreciative of working with you.

Well, one of my latest collaborations has been ... It's a really special one, actually. It's my high school girlfriend. So we have been friends for 32 years. Yeah, that's a big number, 32 years. And she's an architect, interior designer. And then her recent adventure, which has just been beautiful, are these amazing trays. Now she actually does big trays, tables, whatever. But, what we thought we'd do together is create a jewelry tray, whether it's for your bedside table to take your rings off, maybe have a couple of perfumes sitting there, like a beautiful decorative piece to store. As you can see, there's a nice lip. They're really lightweight. So we can send these off without issue at all, all over the world. And she's done a beautiful job in packing them and she's just ... This is really is close to her heart and she just loves it.

So like I said, she does loads of big things, but what we're doing is we're offering this, just this for now in a few different styles. The styles will change, but we're launching this, the jewelry trays in this beautiful white tray. It's got a gorgeous sort of matte trim all the way around. This one, you know me and my name's, I keep everything very literal because we have a lot of products here and I like the staff to know when they're looking for something. Okay, this is called Purple Flowers, white tray, they're looking for Purple Flower on a white tray. So this is a Purple Flower in a white tray. It's nice and deep. They're 22 centimeters by 22 centimeters and 4 centimeters deep. And they are a plastic, okay, really hard-wearing plastic. What my girlfriend, Victoria, does is she gets the imagery. She puts it in the base and then pours a layer of resin over the top, nice and hard-wearing. The care instructions are basically just soapy sponge if you get it dirty. And other than that, that's it, that's really it. So they're just beautiful.

Oh, also we were talking today, if you wanted to put a hook on the back, you could actually have them as prints on the wall. How beautiful would that be? Oh, my gosh. Okay, let me show you the twelve that we were launching with. So obviously, the Purple Flower, then we've got this beautiful Marine. It's got shells, turquoise background, starfish, just lovely Marine look right there. Then we've got the beautiful, this is called Blue Eyeshadow. It's just a lovely close up of this woman's face, really, really nice. So yeah, really, really sweet. I can't wait to do a lovely photo shoot with all this. Ah, then we've got the Pink Slipper. Look at this, beautiful pink flower, pink ribbon slipper, and a yellow abstract right through the middle there, just divine.

Then we've got a nother pinky one. It's a gorgeous big Sunhat, a little female foot sticking out there and the pink flower in the background. Again, just gorgeous. Then we've got the Feathers. So this has got a couple of beautiful feathers here, a peacock feather, the gold. It's like a gold leaf kind of effect there and an oriental figure right there, just beautiful. And this is like a tassel hanging off its outfit. A couple of the ladies in the sisterhood have asked what that is. Last but not least, we have the Black and White female figure, again, with the gold leaf effect. And yeah, just beautiful. So can't wait to muck around with these, have a shoot, hang them off the wall and really have some lovely fun.

If this is something that you might be interested in, don't forget to, we could post all over the world. So this also make a beautiful Christmas gift and so, yeah. Have a look at, go to the website obviously, and search jewelry trays, or it has its very own category under the lip gloss section. So have a look there and thank you so much for having a look. So yeah, love this collaboration.