Our New Kimonos, Capes & Scarves Are FINALLY Here!

April 21, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, our new clothing pieces have finally arrived, and it's been worth the wait! 💃

We're so thrilled about the fabulous Turquoise & Golden Hues and Orange Flowers Kimonos in viscose and modal that will make you feel and look gorgeous and give you that pep in your step!

The Kimonos run up to size 22 Australian.

We're also absolutely in LOVE with the new Fuschia Sunset scarves in modal and silk. The burnt deep orange and Fuschia combination is to die for! 

Watch Maria demonstrate the items and share a few fabulous ways to style them.

Shop the new fashion pieces. 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Turquoise & Golden Hues

Orange Flowers

Silk Scarf
Fuchsia Sunset

(Video Transcript)

Well, new clothing has finally arrived and I'm so excited. We were waiting on these ones for quite some time. This is the turquoise with golden hues kimono. We have had this in the cape and the scarf for quite a while now, and we've just been perfecting the kimono. This is the viscose I'm showing you. So lovely. Really beautiful. It's got gorgeous tones in it. I paired it up with the apatite and the golden 10 way necklace. But of course you can do it, you can accessorize it with a teal. Looks amazing with it. Turquoise crystal. Let's have a look at that. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Just amazing. It just goes on and on as you know. Now, just beautiful.

Now, let me show you the difference between the viscose and the modal. I'm wearing the viscose. This is the modal. As you can see, it's a stronger fabric, more solid, incredibly soft. The viscose is soft too, but the modal feels like a brushed cotton. Really, really gorgeous. You almost want to sleep in it, it's so comfortable. Now, the modal is 10 centimeters shorter in the length and a fraction longer, as you can see, in the sleeve as well. The viscose is an all around 10 centimeters shortage. Although, both will still fit up to an Australian size 22. Just divine. So glad they've finally come in and they are stunning.

Let me show you what else came in. We also finally have the orange flowers in a kimono. Thank goodness. We've had it in the scarf for a little while now, and wow. It was totally worth the wait. We really worked on getting the flowers perfect, the colors right. It was a real labor of love. Let's just say that for everyone involved and, wow, it's turned out gorgeous. We really wanted to keep the teal accentuated closest to the body and allow the detail to sit around the outside. It's come out so beautiful. I cannot believe. I'm really, really happy with the result, and there you go. That's the kimono in the modal, and this is the viscose.

Now, this doesn't normally happen, but we have just noticed that all the modal has come in with a larger print. Both are gorgeous. If you asked me to pick which one I prefer, I honestly couldn't tell you. Now, what they both have... Let me show you the back actually. I'll show you the back. There we go. It's basically enlarged. Now, let me show you side by side. What they have in common is they've both kept the band of tealy turquoise, because that was really important to us. Here, coming off the hem, it's mainly tealy turquoise. Also, let me just make sure this is sitting properly. Okay, there we go. There is the difference there. Now, the larger print only comes in the modal. The smaller print only comes in the viscose. Let's just see how we go from here. But, otherwise, both beautiful colors are spot on. Really, really gorgeous. Really, really nice. So, that's that.

We also got the orange flowers in a cape. This is just divine. Look at this. The colors are a bit deeper because it's been printed onto fine wool. Really beautiful. Look at that. Just amazing. There's the front, there is the back, and so lovely. Drape it, let it hang. Wear it as a scarf, whatever you like. The capes are amazing and very, very versatile as well.

I recently got a hold of this beautiful scarf that we have in a silk option and a modal option. Let's put on a tassel as well just for kicks. Now that we've got this all teed up, let's get the scarf. Now, look at this. Oh, love it. Look at this beautiful, beautiful scarf. It's got like a burnt, deeper orange, beautiful fuchsia. If you look really, really close, there's like little leaves in the pattern of the fuchsia. Just gorgeous. We're calling this fuchsia sunset. We had many different names thrown out there, but we're calling it fuchsia sunset. This is the modal silk. Now, the modal silk does tend to have a wrong and a right side. Oh my God, this is divine. This is the right side. Really nice and bright and bold, and the wrong side is a little bit softer. If I show you like this, wrong side, right side.

What I love, of course, because it's of the same of color palette, even if you had it around your neck and some of the wrong side and some of the right side shows, it's beautiful regardless. That's really, really lovely. Let me show you the silk. Before I take this off, I want to... Oh, look at this. Oh my gosh. This silk, and silk's warmer than you think, you know. If you just wear this as a little at the base of the neck kind of wrap, it really does keep your neck warm. It's just incredible. Let me show you side by side.

The other big difference between the modal silk and the silk is that the width is not the same. Our silk scarves are the narrowest that we offer. Let me show you. This is now roughly at the same point on my neck, and there's the difference in width. Same length, but difference in width, so there you go. The color is almost identical from the modal silk to the silk. Wow. Very, very close. There's nothing in it. Really nice, whether you choose to wear it as a wrap, as a scarf. I know I've shown you all this trick of mine before, but I think with this color, especially, it's really going to lend itself.

Get your scarf tight in the front. Either tie it or a little fine elastic band, give it a little bit of a once, twice, maybe three times, just nice and softly, then wear it to the side and it becomes a top over a singlet. Yes, it's slightly see through so you will need to wear something underneath, unless you want to give a little surprise to the people that you're going out with. But really, really beautiful, very elegant. Colors are amazing. That's the fuchsia sunset in the silk scarf and the modal silk. They are available now.