Earthy & Dark 10 Way Necklace Colour Comparison!

October 17, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


I love earthy, neutral colours, and I know many of our Sparkle Sisters do too! 🥰

Our 10 Way Necklace collection includes the fabulous Smokey Quartz, Brown Agate, Desert Jasper, Midnight Crystal, Charcoal Pearl, and Slate ranges that are PERFECT for both casual and dressy looks. 

Need a closer look? Don't miss this video!

Watch Maria demonstrate the colours and share her styling ideas! 

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10 Way
Smokey Quartz

10 Way
Brown Agate

10 Way
Desert Jasper

10 Way
Charcoal Pearl

10 Way

10 Way
Mdinight Crystal

(Video Transcript)

In this video, I'll be showing you our brown tones, which are just divine, along with the midnight crystal with some slate pearls as well. So, these are beautiful. This is our smokey quartz, which is our first hybrid 10 Way Necklace. Yes, our hybrid 10 Way Necklace.

What we did here, smokey quartz is actually a very expensive stone. So what we did was we made just the connector, the actual natural smokey quartz for its healing properties. We had a lot of requests for that. However, we also found the crystal in this color exactly the same. It's beautiful. So we managed to keep the cost lower than what a smokey quartz 10 Way Necklace complete would have been, with still the same beautiful look. So that's the smokey quartz there, just divine.

Then, I'm wanting to show you the brown agate. So, this is beautiful. They look amazing together. Look at that, really lovely. So, adding crystal to stone is such a beautiful way to make a casual look, more dressy instantly, even if all you do is this. So say for example, I've got the 10 Way Necklace on. It's all the same. That's why the necklace design itself is a relatively simple design, so you can mix and match.

Then if I was to get the connectors from the smokey quartz, pop it in and just by putting them there, it just adds that little bit of sparkle. See that? So this is going from a casual necklace to a little bit more of a dressy necklace with a sparkle effect. Then of course, putting the smokey topaz there, the faceted. It's sparkly because it's faceted. You can pop in this as well. So just lovely, have a play and muck around.

Now, we're also just gotten in the Desert Jasper. This is crazy because every single color in this, I'm a bit of a neutral queen. I will wear more of a pop-up color from time to time, but I do generally live in neutrals. So whether it's olive tan, charcoal, white, black, these are the colors that I do tend to live in and they all appear in one stone.

The Desert Jasper looks amazing with smokey quartz as well. I'll show you just like this, beautiful, absolutely divine. I will show you the three together, so you can really get an idea. That's the Desert Jasper there with the smokey quartz. Just in case you're inclined to mix a busy-ish stone, having so many colors in these stones does make them more busy than not. This is what the Desert Jasper looks like with the brown agate, so they can be mixed beautifully to create a really lovely look. So, that's just gorgeous.

Then, I also wanted to show you how the midnight looks with the charcoal pearl. It's beautiful. Here are the strands woven in between each other. The charcoal pearl has a stunning pearl effect in that it's got pinky blues showing through, which is beautiful. As you can see with the midnight crystal, not on similar in color, it gives you that beautiful sparkle to that lovely, simple, soft shine that a beautiful polished pearl actually has. So, that's beautiful there.

The other thing that we have, of course, is the slate. Now the three slate, which is part of our satin metal range in this family of colors. These are actually on sale. So, they are already 20% off. Once these are gone, we're actually going to give these a little bit of a rest as well. These are lovely. They come in the rose gold version, the silver, and the yellow.

Of course, they mix beautifully with your charcoal pearls as well and/or your midnight crystal as well, to give them a little bit of sparkle. So, I hope this helps to comparing our earthy darker colours.