Jewellery for a Noble Cause!

October 19, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


I have something special to share with you. 

As you know, in the course of my business, I always want to give back.

I was fortunate enough to partner with an organisation called Eden that helps against human trafficking. They rescue young women from brothels, help them recover, and give the women an opportunity to make their own income by producing fine and divine jewellery which we are proud to hold in our range. 

They are so beautiful and very lightweight!

Treat yourself to the lovely Eden jewelleries in silver and yellow gold😍 (Rose gold is coming soon!)

🌟Cuff Bracelet

🌟Hoop Earrings

🌟Committed Necklaces

🌟"I Am Brave" Drop Earrings  

And Pendants with magnets which are now part of the 10 Way Necklace Range🤩. 

Watch Maria demonstrate the Eden jewellery range.

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Eden Bracelet

Eden Hoop Earrings

Eden Necklace

Eden Drop Earrings

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. How are you? I hope you're all well. Now you may not know this but the thing that I wanted to do as soon as possible with my business was to give back. And I was fortunate enough to meet this fantastic woman that's representing a company helping human trafficking. Okay it's just the saddest thing. It's amazing what they're doing. They are actually excuse me. Rescuing women from brothels young young girls young women from brothels and they're doing it through jewellery so I met this beautiful woman at the last trade fair and it was just a blessing because I really had it in my mind that yes we do our donations a few times a year we've helped the Cancer Foundation we've helped the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter a Homeless Women's Shelter in Australia and we I want to keep doing these things different events four times a year. Uh but this one is something really really special. We will also be continuing to hold this company's jewellery range and working with them to do a few things.

Now let me show you the kind of jewellery that they have and she's also working with us to extend the range not just from yellow gold and or silver and also include rose gold which is our number one seller. I can't say how long it'll take to get rose gold in.

Fingers crossed it'll be before Christmas so for now let me show you what we've been fortunate enough to get from them so there's a beautiful bracelet here it's a lovely bangle all her jewellery is stainless steel which means just with a light polish you can actually get this wet which is amazing it just comes up beautifully this bangle comes in silver and yellow gold for now okay watch this.

Then we've got these beautiful hoops. These are called Knots of Freedom. They actually have little knots going all the way down and they're nice and fine which is just lovely. All all of their jewellery is very very lightweight. Okay and these come in yellow gold and silver as well. So here's the two side by side. Very very cute.

Uh they've also got this beautiful range here. These hoop earrings as well. They've got these lovely Roman numerals travelling travelling all the way up. They come in silver and yellow gold as well really gorgeous. Just beautiful like that.

Now they're they've got a couple of show stopper necklaces okay. So all ranges I should say. This piece here is made up of two sides that slide on the chain and sit perfectly together. One's matte gold and one's matte black okay. Both of them are plated stainless steel as is the chain. So everything's the most amazing quality. They come in two different lengths. Shorter and long and ah yeah they're just beautiful. Really really nice. So we've got some of those as well.

And my favourite in amongst this whole range is called the I Am Brave section. Ah category I should say. Now let's just grab one of these so I can show you. Now to start with there's two different kinds of earrings. Okay. So you've got these lovely drop I Am Brave earrings. So in amongst this beautiful pattern is the words I Am Brave in Burmese, okay ah so it's well obviously I can't point it out to you because it's in a different language but this is the beautiful pattern there really really amazing I grabbed a pair of yellow gold for myself they are beautiful and very very lightweight and what I love about these these are clever clearly designed by ah someone in the jewellery know how look at the post because I have tiny earlobes really really small and the holes are also low okay which makes it very hard to wear drop earrings okay for me. So what they've done is they've put the post at the bottom of this design here which means that although my holes are low it's still going to cover ah my earlobe. Which is great. It's exactly what you want. You don't want your earring dangling from the bottom of your earlobe. So then the butterfly goes on and it holds on really holds onto the skin the the the lobey part of the lobe if you like that's really beautiful. Just so nice.

Then actually that also goes for these rings here. If you have the same kind of issue as me or you've got some dragging on your earlobe where it hangs a little bit low. This will do the same because the where the hoop comes from. See how it's not like a rod going all the way through. The design itself is a little bit like it's sort of like five mils wide. Um they will do the same. They hold onto the lobe rather than just relying on the the whole of the ear. I hope that makes sense.

And last but not oh actually no not last but not least. Second last but not least. You've got these which are beautiful like really wide hoop. They're just gorgeous. Now these these sit like that. They're lovely. And all of these do come in a silver and yellow gold so far.

Now what's gorgeous is that they've created a pendant. Yes we're working on these in silver which we should have soon and rose gold which could take a bit longer. Now look at this. This is the pendant that matches those two earrings. Whether you wear it with or without. Actually the beautiful thing about these earrings too is they will go beautifully with our pendant already. In the filigree or the actually this swirl or the filigree. Look at that. It's going to be a beautiful matching set to that. Really really nice. Okay. So this is cute.

When I saw the pendant. This actually we also sell this on a chain. It hangs quite long down here. It's the same fine chain to this. But I just couldn't resist myself. I wanted to turn this into a magnetic pendant. I really wanted to make part of the Eden range. Uh that's the company Eden. Um that part of the Eden range into a part of the 10 Way Necklace range. Which I'm so excited about. This has turned out beautifully.

So whether you want to wear this on your link necklaces. This is a longer link necklace. A shorter link necklace would finish it around here. As you can see it's beautiful. And then whether you want to wear it with your 10 way necklace. So I'm just going to grab the satin yellow gold. Like that. So whether you want to wear it something nice and simple Wear it short like that. Or of course you could wear it longer if you were to grab the yellow gold slate using its connectors for more length. It really looks fantastic. So you can actually start to create more length depending on what top you're wearing. Ah layer this up. And wear it like that. Really it's kind of got this beautiful tribal feel to it.

And then if you want to you could also add in some mini connectors below the connectors for even more length again. And as you know with the 10 Way Necklace range it goes on and on. So they're all available now.

So proud to be supporting this wonderful wonderful cause. The stories that she's told me Meeting the person that's the Australian ambassador up close and personal was truly a beautiful and unique experience and I'm just thrilled to be working with her and yeah it's all very exciting. So click the link below or just search in this our our search icon the word Eden E D E N because that's where the girls get taken once they're rescued. They get taken to this place called Eden where they can recuperate recover ah get trauma counselling and they also get taught how to make the jewellery package the jewellery. They actually get given an income to then support themselves after. It's just an incredible incredible company. So I'm really really proud to for the Maria Nicola business to be ah in support of such a beautiful thing. So take care everyone. Take a little look. See if you like it and we will be getting more metal colours sometime this year.