Meet Our Desert Jasper Range!

October 06, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies! I am delighted to let you meet our newest range: Desert Jasper.

The stunning Desert Jasper has a beautiful combination of lovely neutrals from soft to dark greys, mustard, tan, chocolate, almost black, and a marbly white effect; it's an all-in-one natural stone!

You can choose to have the Desert Jasper 10 Way Necklace in the rose gold, silver, or the yellow gold. Wear it long, short, medium or as a bracelet. It pairs beautifully with accessories and will elevate any outfit.

Plus! You can also get this beautiful range in a Bundle! This Bundle is at 10% OFF and includes:

🤎The 10 Way Necklace

🤍A Tassel

💛Mini Connectors

So treat yourself to these gorgeous neutrals and shop the Desert Jasper range now. 👇

Watch Maria demonstrate the range and show a few of her favourite ways to style it.

Items featured in our videos often sell out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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10 Way Necklace Bundle
Desert Jasper

Medium / Long Strand
Desert Jasper

Desert Jasper

(Video Transcript)

Well I'm super excited to let you know the latest colour range to the 10 Way Necklace family. It is the Desert Jasper. Will you look at these beautiful tones. You've got tan, chocolate, grey, sage, deep dark, almost black and a marbly white effect. It's just beautiful all in one natural stone. It's divine. And each one looks as beautiful as the other whether you choose to have it in the rose gold. The silver or the yellow gold. Each one is oh it's just an amazing stone.

So let's have a look at how they look on. So this is the Desert Jasper. I've chosen to pair it up with our animal print. I feel like almost every colour in this kimono goes perfectly with this stone. So as you know you can wear it. Long medium length. Here is the connectors worn as a bracelet. Oh my gosh would you look at this? Just divine. You can wear it short and simple. As well as multi-layered too.

Now the tassels have been just stunning. Equally each piece in this range is so beautiful. I just find the colour mix that this stone comes in ah to be just superb. Really really nice. So whether you want to wear this short and simple ah or wear it long and layered more of a Bohemian kind of look it's divine. And of course you don't always have to have more pieces up on top the detail of your styling is completely up to you.

So you also have the long strand as well available. Ah here I have it in as a multi wrap bracelet. Look at that. So nice. And whether you choose to wear it along with the matching connector or other bangles that you might have. It's totally up to you. Um I love this look of layering pieces. It's just really lovely. So the long strand. Now this is fantastic for adding just a little bit of touch of extra to pieces. So for example let's just say I'm going to pop in the triple strand. Okay let's remove the tassel for now. And I've got the single strand up the top just for a really nice layered look. Now I've still got a fair bit of skin showing so maybe I want to have just a little bit more. So you could actually pop the long strand on and just let it hang long. That's really gorgeous and also very elongating. Then you could also double up the long strand. So whether you want to just have a bit more of a layered look that's super cool as well. So now we've got one, two, three, four, five, six, six strands at the base of the neck. Which is just super cute. And then whether you wanted to get the single strand and pop in a pendant, have it layered on top is totally up to you.

Really really cute or grab your mini connectors which we do to sell this range as a bundle. Okay now what the bundle is it's a 10 Way Necklace, a pair of mini connectors and a tassel and you do get 10% off by purchasing like this. We quizzed the Sparkle Sisterhood which you might have heard of by now and that's the way they love to purchase their ranges to get the most wear out of it. So we give 10% off for that bundle. So these mini connectors here will add that little bit of more length to a pendant wherever you like. And if we come back to the long strand once again you can actually frame it by having that down the bottom, you can even grab the pendant and have the pendant down the bottom. You can just keep playing with these pieces to your heart's content. And that is really the magic of the 10 Way Necklace range.

So I hope you like the Desert Jasper. I'm super excited to have these beautiful neutrals in the range. And they are all available including medium strands, connectors, whatever you may need in this range. They're all available right now.