Me Time in Sydney!

October 03, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Hello Ladies!

I immensely enjoyed my lovely 36-hour adventure in Sydney recently. 💕 Let me share with you the highlights of my experience.

My stay at the QT Hotel in Sydney and the luxurious pampering I got at the Spa QT was amazing, I highly recommend it!

After I did some retail therapy, I was awed by a spectacular magic show at the State Theater, and had a quick drink at the bar of the ESQ restaurant in the QVB (Queen Victoria Building)  where the wonderful Jazz band graciously played "Girl From Ipanema" for me.

I walked through Hyde Park, did a Live for the Sisterhood in the QVB, strolled along the strand arcade, and was taken to a gorgeous lunch by a colleague.

I'm so thankful to have reached a stage in my life to treat myself to some Me Time without feeling guilty.....well maybe a little guilt but I'm learning to ignore it lol.😂😬

I learned from these precious 36 hours how important it is to always make time for yourself everyday. Even 10 minutes of quiet time or meditation can help you enjoy life's beauty in the moment. 

So here's to taking care of you. 💞

I hope you get some Me Time too. You deserve it! 💕

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(Video Transcript)

Maria Nicola:

And This place is so funky. Like I can't even like look at this. Look at this. It's so wild. I wasn't going to video for you but I just can't help myself. It's too funky. I'm spitting myself. Your body so I do it slow. And this is the spa that I'm going to go to use my vouchers that I got for my fiftieth.It's just wild.

Okay so I'm just I'm here early obviously. How are you girls? I've had a lovely time. I've used my 50th birthday vouchers and had a bath and it's be gosh it's been so good. So I just thought I'd do a little tour. Oh my gosh this looks amazing. So wait. Wait look at this. So as you can see this is old. This was all built in 1929. And wow ha. They've kept it so original. There's not going to be a lot of talking I can do in the city. It's usually so noisy. But Where I can I will. So check this out. I don't know if I've ever been maybe once in a year. I'm not sure. Hello Good dolls. How are you? Thank you. I'll come through. That's alright. Wow. Isn't this magnificent? Isn't that I bet you do? Oh my goodness. Level or another one? I think I'm on this level. I'll give you my number in a minute when I stop filming. It's not very good. But Lizzy. Lizzy. To chandelier. Okay. Uncle. Okay so this is super old. 1929. Wow. It's so beautiful. Thank you boys.

So in the city there's Westfield Tower once known as Centre Point Tower. Uh we have Hyde Park and I love it here. The trees are just enormous. It's so beautiful. I think that's Saint Mary's Cathedral up ahead. They have this gorgeous life size well not life size but huge chest board. Uh on a beautiful day this would all be full. Full of people and yes men will be definitely be playing chess. People will be playing chess not just men. Ah but yeah it's just gorgeous through here.

And of course I have to look into the oh my gosh. Vintage shop windows. Oh. Like wow. Just wow. Oh look. Workouts. Amazing. Amazing.

I was really hoping this place would be serving coffee but the lovely Gabriel who was the manager at the bar last night is here today funnily enough and he's letting me have a little video This is gorgeous. So this is at one end of our QVB which is the Queen Victoria building. There's a statue of Queen Victoria. Not the current the one that just passed the the earlier one. And look at this it's so cool. So they've turned this into like a beautiful bar slash cafe. Now I was hoping to have a coffee before the live this morning and then you go through to the Oh my god. The smell of this sugar in this shop is incredible.

So, this is the Strand Arcade and very similar to the QB like a mini QBB really and just gorgeous and this jewelry shop here is one of my favorites that I've been visiting all my life. Do you mind if I do a video of your front windows? That's okay. Oh really? Put it. Oh, on Facebook. Oh, go for it, Hailey. Oh, thank you. It's amazing. How long have you been here? About 20 years. 20 years. You get a beautiful assortment. It's incredible. Oh, thank you. Do you mind if I come into? Oh, you're the best. Thank you. You've always gotta ask. Look at this. Look at who truly truly amazing. Ridiculous. You could spend hours in just this one little shop. Look at all of this oh my gosh. Wow. So then as you look in it's this narrow little tiny tiny thing. Narrow little thing. Just a bit wider than a doorway. I mean just wow. And I love the colour coding on the shelves. I learnt that when we had a shop colour coding is soothing on the eye. It's a way. It's a way to display lots and lots of things without being too intrusive. Are you hearing supper. Are you still hiding? He's hiding. He's like my son. He wouldn't let me.

So just finished my gorgeous lunch. It was so delicious. Look where he brought me. He's so gorgeous. And look what I noticed on the floor in this particular hotel. Not desert jasper. I don't know what is. Look at this. Isn't it beautiful? Bye chickens.