Learn How To Easily Accessorise Print Clothing

September 02, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Get Maria's tips, tricks and ideas for accessorising your print scarves, capes and other clothing.

(Video Transcript)

In this video, we're going to discuss styling with print. So I've got the fine wool pebbles cape. Now, the lovely, lovely thing about this is it's got so many colors in it. You can't go wrong. You've got your reds, your raspberries, your purple, some green, black outlines, everything. And then just, really, it's amazing. So what I've done, I've picked up on the raspberry now for the moment, and then we'll move on to other colors as well. I've got our new raspberry link, the triple strand with one mini-connector in the back, so just giving a little bit more length. I've got my little matching earrings on, which are just so cute. These on the long versions. And then a tassel underneath. So this is lovely. What's great about our crystals, as far as patterns are concerned, crystals, pearls, whatever, when it's a block color, don't be afraid to wear it on the print.

It really just matches beautifully. As long as you've got a color from your print, really, that's just amazing. It doesn't overpower at all. In fact, it breaks up the print a little bit with a point of focus, a little sparkling point of focus. Also too, what you can do with these to get a really quite different look, as you can see, I'm wearing a plain singlet, you could be wearing a plain long sleeve top, whatever you like, you can take it to the side and in a very easy and light way, grab a fine elastic band, put a little knot here, not too many times, two, maybe three times, and then you've gone and converted your fine wool scarf into an instant little poncho. So you can, actually, it's very, very attractive with a little bit of a peekaboo skin showing through to the side.

Whether you choose to wear it a little bit off the shoulder a little bit for what's called a cold shoulder, I had no idea that it was called that, or whether you want to go the other way, allow the knot to be more visible as more of a feature and let it drape down the front as well. So that's really, really cute. And the lovely thing about the fine wool is they've got lovely width in them so you'll get good coverage across the back and across the front as well down to the waist. Now, let's carefully undo the elastic band and then get back to a different way to style. So I've gone quite monochromatic with the accessories here. Let's get myself back in to gear. Right, that's great. Now, what I could easily do is remove the raspberry tassel, and then bring in, let's go for some black. So the black crystal is truly amazing. Actually, let's go for some black agate.

The black agate, it's lovely. The difference between the black, so your black agate is shiny and smooth, the black crystal is obviously sparkly. So it's just a little bit more casual on this side and really, really nice. So then you could just layer it. Each connector, which is this, will give you the exact width for this to sit perfectly underneath the triple strand above. And I just remembered, let me just double check. Right, I've got a mini in the back of that from the styling before. So I'll just remove that. So let me show you something. I've got the triple strand here. It sits right at the base of the neck. Then with one connector, the black agate will sit perfectly underneath the first triple strand. And with two connectors, let me show you, for example, if you wanted to get another color, let's get the garnet because that's going to go beautifully.

If you leave two connectors in, it will then sit under. See that beautiful splatting effect? It's just so gorgeous. So, that's one way to style. Then, let's just say, we leave the black and pick up on a different color completely to pick up on a different color here. So let's say, go with the golden. Let's go neutral. So we could get the sating yellow gold, because I do like, I really like how there's spots of gold right through it. So this is really, really nice and, actually, a very cute way to balance up. When you're doing two colors, I actually like to go, if you're going to split it perfectly and not pile them on top of each other, I like to alternate colors. So gold, black, and then I would finish with gold. So a very easy way. A couple of ways you can do this is to grab a long strand in the sating yellow, and that hangs nice and long. So, it's just beautiful. To me, it adds balance to it.

And what I also love about styling short and long is that if you choose to drape it, you don't completely cover the entire necklace. So say, for example, you wear it short, a little bit of it's peak-a-booing through your styling of the scarf. If you want to wear this, because our lovely fine wool scarves are fine enough to be able to wear it around the base of the neck and then hang long, you've still got some of it showing through as well. And if you wanted to as well, easily grab a matching tassel. And I would add it to the single strand. Oops. No. Not the longest strand, the single strand. And you can add a nice different look again to what already is some beautiful styling, just like that. Really cute. So the trick to accessorizing print is to always pick colors out of the print itself. And look at this, once again, if you wanted to wear this as a wrap and then have your necklace showing, it really is just beautiful. So I hope that's given you some ideas with the items that you already have.