Meet Our New Round Shell Pearl Colour Pendants and Scarves!

August 25, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we're delighted to introduce to you the new colours of our Round Shell Pearl Pendants

We now have these lovely Shell Pearls in Mocha, Slate Green and Soft Gold. 😍 🌈

Pearls bring energies of balance and harmony, and they are also gifts of grace and glamour.

Be as creative as you can be. Add them to your 10 Way or Link Necklaces to easily elevate any look.

We've also launched new Scarves!

We have the gorgeous Rainbow Crochet Scarf which will surely add a pop of colour to anything you wear, 🌈  and the majestic Cathedral Scarf, which combines gold and brown colour to complete your elegant and classic look.😍

Shop the Round Shell Pearl Pendants and Scarves!

Watch Maria demonstrate the Round Shell Pearl Pendants and the Scarves and share stunning ways to wear them! 

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Rainbow Crochet

Modal Silk Scarf

Round Shell Pearl

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all well. I want to show you the gorgeous things that came out this week, starting with the beautiful shell pearls in the mocha, the slate green. There's an ever so slight tinge of slate green and the beautiful soft gold, really, really lovely. Now, these can be worn... Let me grab the slate green for you. These can be worn in quite a few different ways. Here's just a few styles to get your creative juices flowing. You can wear it off to the side, off center. You can also remove this part here. You can also then have two of them in, if you prefer a balanced effect. You can actually have it as a gorgeous pendant piece, nice and simple like that. Then, of course, you can choose whether you want to add a frame of more jewelry if you want a bit more of an elaborate look.

Actually, before I take this off, let me show you. Let's just say you had two of the slate greens, whoopsy. There we go. And, pop it in. Let's say you had two of the slate greens and then you pop in a pop of colour in the middle, for example, the soft gold. Look at that, absolutely beautiful. Then, you can choose to have a nice single pendant, simple pendant, as well, in a trio, which is just lovely. Of course, you can easily take out the single strand, attach it to the three put together and create a lovely off center look. Or, of course, take all the pearls out leaving just one to create a more simple off-center look. That's just lovely there. Then, let me show you a little bit more. You can also do things like this with the sea green. I might just grab... Here we go. The tricolour, so let's pop the soft gold in the tricolour link. That's that there. Bring it around, all thumbs today. Look at that, it just adds a little bit of point of difference at the bottom there.

Once again, you can add a second one in and this time around let's go dark. Let's pop in the mocha in the middle to create a lovely look just like that. Then, of course, you could start to add different pieces in to create more detail. For example, you can get the rest of this session in the yellow gold, add it to the top. Oh, my goodness. That's amazing.

Now, secondly, we've got these beautiful scarf. This is the crochet, the rainbow crochet. As you can see up close, there is a beautiful amount of detail here. It's a photo of a crocheted blanket in lots of colours, as you can see. This will go with absolutely everything, add a pop of colour to anything. It comes in the silk and modal silk, depending on what we have left. We also launched this week in the modal silk, the cathedral. We've had this in the silk in the past, but this time we've gone for the modal silk.

Look at this, and it just happens to go perfectly with my gorgeous necklace. That's that there. Look at this. It's got the most wonderful shades of gold, brown, dark colours. It actually is a Roman Cathedral. It is a photo of it, look at that. The mirror image, through the center's a reflection of both sides are exactly the same, just a mirror image of each other. Like with all our scarves, they're all thin enough to wear, long and simple, draped over the neck without too much bulk around neck at all. Or, whether you want to wear it draped back as a wrap, is totally up to you. We had the three shell pearls this week and the two gorgeous scarves in all three different colours.