A Day At The Easter Show with Maria!

April 25, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Maria's been participating in the Easter Show for years with her business, so this time she went there to enjoy the experience as a guest and...she's taking you with her! 🤩

Follow Maria explore all the exciting booths, performances, and girly things, laugh at the unexpected moments and feel like you've been there yourself!

Watch the video. 

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(Video Transcript)

Maria Nicola:

Hello, chickens. Oh, my God. So, I'm doing something today that I always, always, always wanted to do. Many of you might know. I did the Easter show for four years. Four years. And I had a great experience with the jewelry and the Tenway necklace, and it was awesome. And I always wanted to come back and actually enjoy the Easter show on my own, seeing all the girly things. There's a lot of girly stuff I'm going to show you throughout the day. And I've just arrived, so it's 10 past 10:00. And here is what it looks like. It's a beautiful day here in Sydney. Just amazing. So, I'm going to share the whole experience of the Sydney Easter show with you. I'm going to try and see as much as possible, including things like cattle, horse riding, the cake competitions, all of that. There's fashion shows. All sorts of stuff. So, hey, everyone that's coming on. I can't see any comments because I'm using my account. But so... Hi.

Speaker 2:

[inaudible 00:01:07].

Maria Nicola:

It's very good. It's very good. So, there's the [inaudible 00:01:18] haunted house. It's apparently very scary. I won't be doing any rides. No rides. It's going to be a completely girly just for me day. So, have a great Easter, everyone, and I will do more lives throughout the day. Bye.

Oh, my gosh. This is the part of the show I will not be doing. No rides for me. Absolutely not. But wow, it really is a spectacle to see.

Good Lord.

This is the show bag pavilion. They've got everything from kids things. There's a chocolate show bag. What have we got over there? What have we got here? And they've got really cool stuff for even women, like beauty bags. It's really, really cool. So, look at this. Athletic. Show bags have come a long, long way. Look at these exercise bags. It's pretty cool. So, there's something everywhere.

So, clearly this is the dog pavilion. Okay. And there's also, oh, my gosh, bow ties. Oh, there's jewelry in the dog pavilion. I suppose. Oh, look at the magnets. Oh, my gosh, so cute. Oh, this is so cool. I'm so glad I came. With the dog treats. Oh. Oh, look at the cake. Wow.

Okay. So, here is dogs competition. Everything competes here, whether it's a stand, whether it's the dogs, the cattle, cakes, art, everything is up for a ribbon. FYI, I got third place in the fashion pavilion four years running for the four years that I attended. So, I was very, very honored. It was really, really quite a thrill.


The ax that they're using can't be heavier than three kilos and can't be wider than 180 millimeters. 3, 4... 11, 12... 24, 25.

Maria Nicola:

The other thing the Easter show is famous for is selling food on a stick. So, we have cheese on a stick. Chip's on a stick. Prawns on a stick. Not on a stick, but still pretty cool.

And then there's a whole lot of random stuff. And apparently look, you can sing. It's a The Voice stand. Imagine that, me singing in front of everybody. It'd be so much fun. Not going to happen.

Can you believe they sell these $3,000 massage chairs at the show? Can you believe it?

The food is endless. This is the infamous Woolworths Dome. And there's just food as far as the eye can see. This is filled with all sorts of... From sweets to seafood to, gosh, this place has three stands. My goodness. And this is what it's most famous for. You've got people that come here months in advance... Sorry, they don't come here. They set these up elsewhere and then transport them in. And they make pictures with vegetables and seeds and things that they grow off their land, right? So, these guys won awards. As I said, everything is a competition here at the Easter show. Oh, my gosh, what is this? Oh, look, these are oysters. Freshly shucked oysters. Oh, my God. So, if you stand back, oh, my gosh, you can smell it now, too. So, there you go. And they spend hours... Months. Months setting up these displays and they're just beautiful. So, this stuff, I normally just zoom through. So, see? They're selling their goods off the stand as well. Macadamia nuts, macadamia paste. And it's just amazing. I find this stuff so awesome. I really honestly do. Look at this up there, they've made dresses out of cotton and things like that. Of wheat. Oh, my gosh. So creative. Wow. Love it. Oh, look at these guys. They've won heaviest exhibit in show. Pumpkins. Wow. That is just incredible.

Okay. These ladies are here every year and there's queues to the point where they block traffic coming through. And what they're doing is they're putting girls hair back in braids with weaves. So, like pink hair through it. The girls love it. This is the stand that I used to be in. So, it's fashion and style. And you've got everything from jewelry, leather bags, real wool, crystals. It's really, really eclectic, random. All felt products. Oh, look at this. A whole lot of leather jackets. And I know some of these people. It's really quite cute. And this is where I used to be. So, there, they've got Madmia. It's pretty close to Maria. And I used to be there. I must admit, it's fun to be here on the visitor side. It was fun as an exhibitor, too, but there's nothing quite like being a visitor.


Oh, my gosh, Gina. Hello. This stand was made for you.


[inaudible 00:09:15].

Maria Nicola:

Cross stitching. Oh, my gosh, look at these cake decorations.

Look at this paper art.

Little quilts.

Wow, mosaic. Oh, my gosh.


Wow. These are pencil. Wow. That's amazing.



Pretty typical Australian outback scenes.