A New Cinnamon Leather Bag PLUS Styling Tips!

July 05, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Hi ladies, we have a few amazing fashion updates! 💜

We've got a new leather bag in a delicious Cinnamon shade! It has warm pink undertones and is absolutely lovely. The bag has a short and long strap that you can clip on, allowing you to adjust the length, wear it cross-body and more. 

We've also launched our gorgeous Tourmaline Link Necklaces PLUS short and long Earrings in stunning matching colours (soft lilacs, deep pinks...)

Lastly, some styling suggestions for your Kimonos and jewellery to inspire new fabulous looks for the season! 💃

Shop the new Cinnamon leather bag.

Shop the Tourmaline Range.

Watch Maria demonstrate the new pieces and styling tips. 

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Leather Bag

Short Earrings

Long Earrings

(Video Transcript)

Hi, we have a new leather bag color. This one's called cinnamon. It's got an undertone of a mushroom-y pink, like a warm kind of color. Absolutely lovely, and really, really divine. If you wanted to compare this to the tan one, here you go. So, the tan is a lot stronger, much more intense in color, if you like. And the cinnamon one is just a bit more, just softer and subdued. Here it is with the Tree of Life kimono, and I'm also wearing it with the smokey quartz in the 10 Way necklace, just so you can see the different neutral effects there and they're both beautiful. But we've just got this color in. It's going to be a very, very short run. Whatever we have now in stock is it. And we won't be moving forward with this anymore. What we got is the end of this color. Okay.

Now, bit of a whoopsie. Last week in the launch of the Tourmaline Link, which is just divine. Let me refresh your memory. We did the Tourmaline Link and that's what it looked like. Really, really beautiful. That's it there, it's got a bit of a stronger pink through it and just the other neutral, warm lilac. It's such an unusual stone. Unusual. It's a precious stone too. So, there it is there.

I forgot to launch the earrings. Okay, so we've done it now. And they're online. There's a short version and a long version available. What we've done is for the short version, the bottom bead... Actually, for both of them, the only bead 10-ml bead here, and the bottom bead there will always be this strong pink color. Always be this strong pink color. While these two stones here in the earring across the board may vary, we'll always have them as matching as closely as possible. As you can understand with natural stone, it's very hard to make earrings out of them, especially when there's that much different coloring in just one stone. So, we do our best.

Here's how the short would look on my ear, if I had it in my earlobe, that is, and here's how the long would look in my ear. Really, really pretty. Both are just lovely and also a pretty color to be able to wear daily as well. So, sorry about that. I hope we didn't muck you around too much, especially for you ladies that love your matching earrings to go with your jewelry.

Now, little bit of styling. Our kimonos have been amazing. I know I've shown you this before. Oh, I meant to mention one thing. All of our leather bags come with their normal strap. This is attached. You cannot remove it. They also come with a longer strap. So, they all come with this. Okay. It's beautiful soft leather. You can clip it to the end of the bag, along with the other end of the bag, and wear it on you like this. Adjustable length as well, allowing there. Or crossbody, really, really easy. This can't be removed. So, you can just pop it down against your body and wear it like that too.

Now, back to the styling with the Tree of Life kimono. I've probably shown you this before, just in case. The Tree of Life has lovely... A perfect pattern. It's got these lines here, a band across there, and the tree of life in the back as well. So, you can do things, like with all your kimonos, mind you, with all your kimonos, you can wear them normally. You can get a little elastic band, put them on the sleeves and bring it up to wherever you want them to sit, nice and comfortable. Super easy. You can also wear them... Oh, actually, my mom's come up with a different idea. It's fantastic. You just grab it here, sort of three-quarters around here. Get a little knot happening and check this out. Instantly shorter. Instantly. It's just fantastic. Instantly shorter, super cute. And yeah, really, really cute.

Now, another way to make it shorter and get a really quite a different look is to turn it upside-down. Flip your kimonos, ladies, flip it upside-down. Now, this is helpful to have a mirror in front of you, which I kind of forgot to get my mirror. So, bear with me while I put this on. Now, sleeve. Yes, sleeve there, sleeve there, there we go. That's better. Now, I'm cooking with gas. Then you zjoosh this around a little bit. And if you can keep the front balanced, it creates a lovely effect around the neck, giving more of a jacket kind of look. Isn't that divine? Now, at the back. And again, you want to be doing this in the mirror. At the back, isn't that lovely? It's like a jacket. You could have it just covering the butt, just not covering the butt because there is excess fabric on the inside, so you can lower it.

Now, your sleeves are going to get longer. Once again, back to the trusty elastic band. In Australia, we call them lacky... When you're growing up, lacky bands. Have you ever heard that before? Lacky band? Or not even at the cuff, push them further up, and then blouse them into place. You won't see the elastic band, lacky band, and yeah, really cute. You're keeping a bit more of the sleeve nice and soft and open. And there you go.

Enjoy styling and check out the cinnamon leather bag if you like the look of it and the Tourmaline earrings.