Brighten Your Style With The Rainbow Crystal

May 31, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Check out the latest colourful addition to our range! The beautiful Rainbow Crystal Pendant and Earrings are sure to add some pop of colour and sparkle to any outfit. 🌈✨

The pendant goes perfectly with the 10 Way necklace to add even more styling possibilities:

✨Wear it short and simple with a single strand

✨add some connectors for more detail

✨or layered up with the triple strand to make it more glamorous

With its beautiful faceted design, the Rainbow Crystal will surely add that extra bit of glamour to your everyday or evening look. It also has a lovely flicker of colour and sparkle that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Watch Maria demonstrate stunning ways to style the Rainbow Crystal and get inspired!

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Baby Rectangles - Earrings

Baby Rectangles - Pendant

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. This is our latest crystal to be launched, and it's just divine. You've got to see this to believe it. It's a rainbow baby rectangle. And we're selling it in pendants as well as earrings; two separate items. And you've just got to see the color and the way that this has been created. It's got so much depth and the facets are creating this beautiful depth of color. I'm pointing it to the wrong way. Okay. That's good.

That is really true to color and effect. It's just amazing. If you look at the back, it's a foiled back. And the colors that are coming through the front are actually in the back. So lovely. Now look at that. It's just amazing. To show you just one of the many, many ways a rectangle can be worn, a baby rectangle, short and simple in the single strand right there.

Then if you were to pop in the minis, the mini connectors can be added in just for a little more length, which is really quite lovely. So, depending on what kind of top you're wearing and what neckline you're wearing, that makes it longer as well. And then, of course, you could do all sorts of different things. I might even just pop in two connectors, to get a little more length and a little more detail, and add that there as well. So sweet.

Now, the earrings. The earrings are just divine. They do give a lovely pop of color. Earrings of a darker kind of color do tend to disappear in my hair, being dark. But look at that. They're just beautiful. That little flicker of color and sparkle is just divine. And of course these are available in rose gold, silver, and yellow gold. Really, really lovely.

So, we've got a few different baby rectangles available and different ways to style them up, is like I said; at the end, two connectors or a pair of mini connectors. And then you could do things like put a triple strand up on top. I'm styling this with the raspberry crystal as well. So, whether you like to layer up lots of different layers... Oh my gosh. It's so lovely. So, so nice. And then, have you ever seen this? Where people get the triple strand? We call this "flipping the triple." Okay? You ready for this?

Flip the triple at the back. Bring the magnet to the front. Then get your baby rectangle or pendant, whichever one, and then pop it in the center. Look at this. It's so sweet, mate. Do be aware that these three strands are a different length. Okay? So, it's not uncommon for them to move a bit. If you're quite a perfectionist when it comes to styling, maybe this one isn't for you. But if you don't mind a little bit of movement here and there with the strand length, then you should really try it. It's really lovely.

Then also, you can get back to your mini connectors and pop them in to create more length once again. And this is just the beginning of the lovely styling that you can create. There we go. And then, if you wanted to frame the whole thing, grab a long strand. Actually, these are great for doing many things: creating a multi-wrap bracelet, a short double-stranded necklace, or framing whatever design you've created. The long strand necklaces are beautiful for that. And now that I've got a bit more space between the base of my neck and the pendant, you can also do a double wrap at the base of a neck to add even a little bit more detail. That is the baby rectangle in the gorgeous rainbow crystal effect.