Check Out These Fabulous Looks Created With Link Bracelets!

March 14, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Breaking fashion news! We've just discovered a new way to create extra fabulous looks using our Link Bracelets! 💖

Yes! You can style them with pendants and connectors, mix and match various colours and pair them with capes, kimonos and scarfs for endless creativity!

It's simple and easy!

Watch Maria demonstrate a few fun and gorgeous Link Bracelet looks and share her styling tips!

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Link Bracelet
Raspberry and Magenta

Link Bracelet

Link Bracelet


(Video Transcript)

I've just discovered a way to create a completely different look using your link bracelets. Now, as you can see, what I've done is I've connected five link bracelets. Whether you have the standard length or the normal length, you're totally fine. The green I've got, the purple, and I've just picked up on all the colors that appear in the beautiful pebbles cape, and it's really easy to do because there are so many different colors in the pebbles cape.

Now, a couple of things could happen here. You can wear it long and you've got all the lovely colors showing, picking up on all the colors in your outfit. Then what you can do is remove at a magnet, slide it along, flip it around your neck and re-add together. Now, look at this. You can have it at two different lengths. Pop in a bracelet, I mean a pendant, or two. Now I'm adding in the amethyst pendant. Wow. Don't you just love it when you create new things. It's just so wonderful.

Or, for example, you can pop in a Austrian crystal pendant. I've got the beautiful turquoise heart, which is lovely and big and bold. Would you look at this? It's just this wow, amazing effect. Now, meanwhile, you can also have it a similar length. Have them more or less on top of each other, just kind of sitting where they fall and letting them just be as they are. Of course, you can add in different things like connectors, other pendants, and just keep styling up until your heart's content. It's totally up to you. But yeah, I just thought that was so cute with the link bracelets. Just adorable.

Now, if you wanted to go for a softer range of colors, let's look at... Isn't it amazing when you pick up the colors in an outfit? What a difference it makes to actually pick up the colors in the jewelry as well, which is just so easy to do with this range.

Now, let's do this. I'm going to start with some very soft. I've got the pink, the AB link bracelet, which is basically clear and AB crystal, the labradorite, which is also the platinum, and the white. Now, this is just four, so let's see how this works out. Whether you want to wear it long, nice and simple, these are all just link bracelets. Really, really nice. Then, let's see if it goes around my neck. Of course it's going to be shorter. There's the two together. If you wanted more length, just really, really simply add either a connector or yet another link bracelet, pop it in. I'm just grabbing the raspberry to match up some colors here, and wow. How cute is that? It's just so simple and easy.

Once again, let's go short in the front and longer. Then let's add another pendant. I'm going to grab a couple of things here. I'm going to grab the beautiful little heart right there just for another little pop. Oh, just adorable. Totes adorbs, as I like to say.

Then, let's grab the rose quartz, larger oval pendant, and wowee. Just beautiful. While sliding things around and putting things together, just do be gentle. Oh, use a mirror, because with the link necklaces and bracelets, all the beads and stones and crystals are 10 mil, 20 millimeters in diameter. As is the magnets that hold on to the pendants that hold onto each other.

If you're just blindly feeling, it's not like when you're wearing a 10 way necklace or a tassel and you can feel along and go, "Oh, there's the magnet." These all pretty much feel the same. Best that you use a mirror to find the magnet and slide and style up again. Let's have a little look at this. Oh my goodness. To the side, just beautiful. Wow.

Okay, so my challenge to you is get out your link bracelets and have a little look and see what little ensemble you could create with these beautiful, amazing colors.