Dazzle and Stun in Lilac & Aventurine Pieces!

January 20, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, we're launching two new stunning items, and oh, we're so excited for you to get your hands on these! 😍

Meet the Aventurine Pendant and Lilac Crystal 10 Way Necklace! 

The natural stone Aventurine is gorgeous and unique - no two pieces are the same! The Lilac Crystal works perfectly with many colours and patterns, and the best part...the two pieces are a match made in fashion heaven! 

The Lilac Crystal is also available in a bundle with a tassel and two mini connectors, and you can get it with 10% off! 

Treat yourself to a little January-mood-booster and shop now.

Watch Maria demonstrate the two new pieces and beautiful ways to style them!

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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Stone Oval Pendant

10 Way Bundle Necklace
New Lilac Crystal

Long Crystal Earrings
New Lilac Crystal


(Video Transcript)

We have two gorgeous new things being launched. It is the beautiful aventurine stone oval pendant. Oh my goodness. Would you look at just this color? I will show you this with quite a few other colors to see just how amazing they look together. And we also have the new lilac crystal. Now we have had lilac crystal before. It had more white in it. Now we haven't been able to get any more of this crystal anymore so this is simply a shade lighter now. So this is available now. It's also going to be available in a bundle. So that is the 10 way necklace, the tassel and the mini connector, because lots of people like to buy them in that trio to start off with at a 10% discount. So if you look up lilac crystal in the search bar, you will get a bundle option as well.

Now here, let me show you the aventurine. It sounds like adventuring, but it's not it's aventurine. So here it is here. It is just beautiful. Now there is, like all natural stone, there is irregularity in the stone. So this is two halves of a stone back to back. Okay. So the irregularity is going to be different on both sides. Sometimes it's a little coloring. Sometimes it's a line. Sometimes the line is going horizontal. Sometimes there's a little bit of a line on the other side. Sometimes it's going horizontal. Sometimes there's no line at all. You just don't know what you're going to get. And that is the beauty of natural stone. Now, as you can see, it looks amazing with the lilac crystal. It's beautiful. Look at that there. I'm wearing that with the Lilac Leaves Kimona and it looks wonderful. But the thing is, this is such a beautiful color.

We have found that the aventurine looks good with a lot. Now, of course, and also looks good on lots of fabrics. So that is... So of course the entire range is going to be available in the lilac crystal as per usual, tassels mini connectors, everything which is lovely. And let me just show you say, for example, with the AB pendant. And of course, if you're wearing a little bit of green, just, wow. So this has got rose gold magnets. Let's have a little look. So there we go. So look at this, just a beautiful pop. This is with the AB crystal really, really, really nice, just lovely and fresh. Then you've got things like, so basically with any neutral, it's going to look amazing, whether it's a silvery kind of neutral. Let me show you another way to wear this. So this is the platinum crystal. You'll find the aventurine lends itself beautifully with the cool colors and warm colors.

So I've got it in the silver here with... Off to the side there, the triple strand off to the side. You can put a connector in to add a little more length to it if you don't like it worn so short. Very, very nice. Then let's have a look at, for example, charcoal pearls. So with the charcoal pearls here, just divine with the rose gold magnets and let's pop at the rose gold framed aventurine. It's pretty amazing. You could do no wrong. Oh, and of course let's have a look with our link, our green link that we have at the moment. Well, actually we've had this for a little while. Look at the beautiful effect you could create. My goodness me. So, that's the aventurine with the sea green link that we've got.

Then you can do things like, for example, rose gold. Rose gold in the satin. Here we go. I mean, wowser. Now we haven't even touched the sides as far as the greens go. So, whoops, that was my glass of water. Now let's go to turquoise. Beautiful. Really, really nice. And let's add some... So if you're... Wow, see if you're wearing something that's got some blues in it, that kind of thing, bluey teal, this is going to look truly amazing. Oh gosh. How beautiful and fresh is that? So nice. So that's the turquoise crystal. Then for example, if you got the amethyst, I might just remove this and take one of those out and pop in, look at that. Wow.

So, that's just a little sample. Actually, let me just show you... It's always very hard to stop these videos because just you get ideas as you're looking around. And I just really want to show you with the malachite because the malachite's quite a bright green, more of an emerald and the aventurine is more of a bottle green. Having said that there's definitely the shade in the malachite to carry the aventurine stone very, very easily. So if you're a green lover, the aventurine stone is really something that will add a lot of beauty to your range. And then also too, let's say, for example, Indian Agate. Now the other good thing about the oval pendants is that they can be worn longer. So let's go one single strand connector, and if you're wearing a higher necked top then that looks really amazing too. And then if you wanted to, you can add a... Here we go, a link up on top to add more feature.

You can really just create whatever design you like. And let me have a look at this. Last, but not least, I'd like to show you it with the emerald. The emerald was something that was released very late last year, very close to Christmas. We just got it right in the nick of time. And we thought we'd really say Christmas color with that seeing that it arrived. So there it is, there. There's the emerald around it. So as you can see, it's a very, very versatile color. The aventurine pendant. So the lilac crystal, the new lilac crystal and the aventurine pendant are available now.