Meet the newest addition to the 10 Way Necklace range, the romantic and dreamy Rose Quartz!💕

The natural stone in the softest shade of pink symbolises unconditional love, so you can always draw some healing powers when you need a little bit of that in your life!

And as always, there are endless ways to style it!

Add extra connectors, a beautiful Rose Quartz tassel, the pink Link Necklace or one of our sparkly pendants. Simply fabulous!

Watch Maria share her styling ideas for this beautiful piece and show you how to mix pinks with stunning results (it's so much fun)!

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you've been well. Just wanted to let you know the latest addition to the 10 Way necklace range. Now, this is the stunning rose quartz natural stone in the 10 Way necklace. Now, isn't that divine? It's the softest shade of pink, really, really pretty and totally natural stone. So you might not know that rose quartz is symbolic for unconditional love and can also give healing powers of that. So when you're needing an extra little bit of love in your life, you might want to reach out to the rose quartz. So the 10 Way necklace came in, the connectors came in, you can buy them separately if you like to have extra connectors. These are great for adding little bits, but it does come in with two connectors as is. Also, we got the tassels in. The tassels are just beautiful.

Sorry. I've got my tripod on a pivot now, so it's easily just testing it out. There it is there. Just beautiful. All of our tassels come on a strand. So whether you like to wear the strand on its own doubled up with a single strand, just like that, so cute. And then you can get the tassel and pop it on the end of a single strand or the connectors, just depending on where you like it to sit and what neckline you're wearing, because you might want to have a little play and change up the neckline as is. Now, we also got mini connectors in, so they're the short little ones there that you can just add a little bit more length wherever you need it. Now, in case you wanted to see how this looks with other pendants, I thought I would grab a couple of pink ones that we have.

So this is the pink slim crystal pendant. It's beautiful. This is the way it looks on. Very, very elegant, just lovely. And if you wanted to see it on white, there you go. There's a soft shade of pink there. Very, very similar in the shade of the stone itself. Really, really beautiful. Then we've still got the pink shard in. There's no telling when these run out. We don't think we'll be able to get more in. So that's just telling that about the crystal pendants. As far as the rose quartz goes, this is going to be a constant in our range, especially for the next year or two. We just love it. It's beautiful. Don't forget, you can all always frame your pendants regardless of what pendant you're wearing, whether you want to add one connector into the back of the triple strand and then layer it up a little bit on top or whether you want to get both connectors in the back of the triple strand and let it sit beautifully underneath. Now of course the rose quartz 10 Way necklace is going to sit beautifully, really, really perfectly with the rose quartz pendant.

It's a no brainer. Just divine. So I really wanted to show you these pieces as far as pink. Now, the beautiful thing about the pink ... I just need to show you the link as well. The pink link looks amazing with this, of course. So whether you want to pop that in there ... oh, that's a bit nice. That's a little bit [inaudible 00:03:22] right there. Whether you wanted to layer this up on top, let the rose quartz sit from underneath or even pop that on top as well and let the link frame the whole thing. I think I would like to see one connector less. I think that would make a big difference to this design. Oh, look at that, beautiful lovey, lovey layered look, nice and cascading down the front of the neck there. Now what I was saying before, mixing pinks and colors.

Now, as you know, we do have pink crystal as well as pink agate in the range as well. So let me show you how this rose quartz mixes with the other pinks. Does it play nice or doesn't it? Well, if you know the range already, you'll know that all shades of one color automatically look beautiful together. It's just amazing. To me, the pink crystal is a crystal version of the rose quartz. It's just gorgeous. Really, really, really nice. Just a lovely, lovely, soft look. And once again, if you're then wanting to add a pendant just to set off this really soft look, the choice is completely yours. Actually, let me just grab something like that and that. I don't forget, you can also ... oh. Oh, I just remembered the pearl pendants are back in. We've been waiting for so long and they're finally back. Look at the pop of white this gives to your outfit.

It's beautiful. So if you want more of a bright color, the pearl pendant's amazing and back in stock, thank goodness, in all three magnet colors, whether you want to do something a little more cash, more subtle, then I've put the swirl on, yes that's a swirl. Just a little nice soft swirl. And whether you wanted something dangling a little bit longer, let's pop in the sisterhood pendant. So beautiful, the SS pendant there. Now, just super quick, let me just show you a couple of other colors that also look amazing with this. Oh, you know what? I'm just going to run enough time. I think I might show you pink with other colors in the next video because it's too much to show in one video. In this video we'll just do the pinks. How about that? This is the pink agate as you can see, a much stronger, more vibrant shades of pink that just set off the two soft ones beautifully.

So whether you want to do that kind of look, this kind of look, now I'm putting one connector in with the triple and that should give us the perfect length to sit in between the two there. So here I've got one without a connector, one with one connector and a triple with two connectors, which gives it just this beautiful long look and maybe let's finish where the link necklace. The pink link with the tassel at the end, pop it over the top. And that's the lovely thing about the links, you do get that little bit of detail when you use it as a strand and have the soft pink hanging off the bottom. So that's just getting started with this new combo of pinks that we've got now that the rose quartz are in. Please click the link below and take a look at all the rose quartz items we have. By the way, long strands are coming in. The long strand and the rose quartz, we're definitely getting them in. They're just running a little bit late as are the matching earrings. So take a little look and enjoy.