Enjoy The Ultimate Sparkle With Our NEW AB Crystal Range

November 30, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Exciting news ladies! Our new AB Crystal 10 Way Necklace, accessories, and matching earrings are here, and they're simply STUNNING. 🤩

AB stands for the magical night sky phenomenon Aurora Borealis, and you can now wear it on your neck wherever you go! ✨

The AB crystal has a frosted finish. Its brilliant shimmer shows subtle purples, pinks and yellows that looks beautiful on your skin, pops on dark colours and has a soft effect on lighter clothes.

It's elegant, beautiful and goes with everything!

Watch Maria demonstrate all the fantastic styling options and colour pairing combinations. 

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AB Crystals

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(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. We've had a new 10 way necklace come into play since we saw you last. And it is this stunning AB crystal. My goodness. Would you look at this. It is so beautiful. Now, the reason why we call it AB is, in the jewelry industry, they call anything with. See, it's got this beautiful hint of purplely-pink yellow. It's just amazing. It's stands for aurora borealis. Which, as you know, in different parts of the world, they've got the gorgeous, colorful night skies. Well, this crystal has imitated that. And as long as I've been in the jewelry industry, which is from over 20 years ago when I used to make tiaras, they have the AB in the crystal.

So the difference in this. So say, for example, let's just compare for a moment to the ice crystal. The ice crystal is a clear crystal. The difference is the aurora borealis has a finish on it, a coating on it. So, that's the difference there. The ice is a lot more softer and the AB is just amazing. So not to say that ice isn't beautiful but it's a very different effect. So, there it is there. Now, basically both have a frosted, icy kind of look. The difference is the AB has lots of different soft and subtle colors in it. Just like that. Really, really lovely. Now, needless to say, it's going to go with everything. It's just amazing.

And by the way, as you can see on the skin, it's just beautiful and soft. On black, it really pops. On darker colors, it's going to pop. And then on lighter colors, it's really going to just also be a soft little effect. But it's still going to pop enough to be noticeable. It's really, really lovely. So as I was saying, needless to say, it can go with any color at all. So let's just do a once-around with the rainbow. Colors of the rainbow. So there it is with raspberry. Absolutely beautiful. Let's go with the midnight. You can create a lovely, dramatic effect. So, so nice. And even with natural stone it's going to look gorgeous. There's amazonite with it.

You can't do anything wrong with this because it doesn't really scream a color. Now, here's the other thing to do. If you want to go simple, I'll show you something really, really lovely you can do. So let's say you've got the ice already and you want to give a beautiful, layered up crystal effect. Let me get the ice. So here is the ice. Now. So there's the ice there. There's the AB. Now if you layer them up on top of each other, would you look at this. How elegant is this? You can really wear it with some elaborate because the colors are just so simple.

And then, I've got the long strand here. Let's just get the long strand happening to encase this upper little bit. I'm feeling quite elegant, I must say in my AB frosted sparkles. So just beautiful there. And of course, like usual, we have the tassel to go with it. Now, if you were to wear the tassel with this layered effect, I'll show you what it's going to do. There it is there. Really cute. Look at that. That's really nice and bright. I'll show you the tassel up close because the crystal in it is super, super gorgeous. There it is. Look at that. It's so soft and beautiful.

Then, if you grab the connectors, pop the tassel down a peg or two, then you get another effect as well. So you know the range. It goes on and on. Really, really pretty. Just wanted to let you know. And of course, we have them available in earrings, medium strands, tassels, long strands, the whole shebang. We haven't left anyone out because we've just found that every piece of the range. Oh, that's quite nice. That's not bad. Little bit of something, something right there. I like that. What was I going to say? So, yeah. Lots of fun to be had here and. So that's the AB crystal. The entire range is available right now. So enjoy everyone. Take a look.