Every Woman Needs A Red Necklace!

August 15, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


You will ALWAYS make an impression wearing red! 💃

Dazzle with our red 10 Way Necklace range that has a shade for every taste and occasion.

See side by side comparisons and get inspiring styling ideas for our popular reds.

❤️ Garnet

❤️ Red Crystal

❤️ Raspberry Crystal

❤️ Magenta 

Watch Maria demonstrate the colours and share her mixing and matching suggestions.

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10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace
Red Crystal

10 Way Necklace
Raspberry Crystal

10 Way Necklace

(Video Transcript)

Here are beautiful red tones and I'm going to show you them side by side, red raspberry tones and so you could really compare and get the idea of how they look together. So here is the garnet. The Garnet we're actually going to discontinue. There's some numbers left on the website, mainly in silver and yellow-gold coloring, magnets. So, this is the garnet there.

Then we've got the red crystal, which is beautiful, striking, and looks amazing with black. Red always looks amazing with black. The raspberry. Oh my gosh, I love this color. The raspberry crystal is beautiful and the magenta. The magenta's divine, beautiful, a very solid colored, natural stone running all the way through and really, really lovely.

Now to compare them and mix them. To me, the magenta is like the stone version of the raspberry. Look at that. That's how close they are in color. Very, very similar. And the raspberry just gives that beautiful kick of sparkle to the magenta. Now the magenta is going to be a short run color. We probably won't continue with the magenta. We're not sure yet, but maybe not. So if you were going to move on this, I would jump on that a little bit quickly. All right.

So then, surprisingly to me, the red and the raspberry look amazing together. Look at this. Just beautiful. Oh, look at that. How amazing is that? That is so wild. Like, wow. Good shade of red. Good shade of raspberry. Really, really nice. So there's the red. Then the garnet. Okay, here we go. Garnet and raspberry. It's going to be a no-brainer.

I don't think the color is translating very well in the camera. I think it's quite dense. There is more, let me see if I can get a little more focus here. There's a bit more like a wine. It's like a color of a red wine, so that's that there. So that's the raspberry with all of the reddish tones.

Then, let's go. Garnet and raspberry. That's really different. Wow. That's beautiful. The contrast is gorgeous. Really, really nice. And then the raspberry with garnet with magenta. This will be interesting. Two very solid natural stones together. Wow. Actually this seems to bring out more of a burgundy looking color in the garnet. Don't you think? That is really, really pretty. Oh wow. What a beautiful natural look that is. Really nice. Now I can't tell. We've got some garnet left. Not a lot, like I said before. Now, last but not least, the red and the raspberry are very, very, very cute. There you go. Wow. So pretty.

I hope that was helpful in seeing how our colors compared to each other, how they look next to each other, whether you want to blend them or whether you want to pick one over the others because sometimes I know it can be really, really hard to tell. I hope you enjoyed it and let's just go out with the magenta and the red crystal all together.