Explore Our Blue 10 Way Necklace Ranges!

September 19, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Blue tones are all incredible, whether it's the deep ocean blue or bright turquoise. They also look fantastic on everyone and for any occasion! 

Take a closer look at all of our blue 10 Way Necklaces and get inspiration for your everyday styling! 

💙 Sapphire Crystal

💙 Teal Crystal

💙 Turquoise Crystal

💙 Blue Apatite

💙 Imperial Jasper

Watch Maria demonstrate the colours and share her styling ideas! 

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10 Way Necklace
Sapphire Crystal

10 Way Necklace
Teal Crystal

10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace
Blue Apatite

10 Way Necklace
Imperial Jasper

(Video Transcript)

In this video, I'll be showing you the blue tones in our 10-way necklace collection side by side so you can really compare and get a really good idea. So, the blues have been incredible. It all started here with the sapphire crystal, a beautiful metallic color, which is really lovely, very deep and goes with all shades of navy, denim blue, baby blue. Here's what it looks like with another crystal, the teal. Now, this is amazing. Look at the two together. You start to create this kind of deep ocean effect. Just beautiful. Really magical on, which is divine.

Then we've got the turquoises. The turquoise crystal has been huge. Turquoise is a big popular color. It actually suits all skin colors, all skin types hair, the whole bit. It's a universal, beautiful color. So, here we have it in the turquoise crystal together with the sapphire, which is just beautiful.

Last but not least, I'm going to blend it with the blue apatite. Oh, my goodness. This color, natural stone, has been incredible, so popular and just really, really pretty. Very, very special. Look at all the tones in this color. So popular in fact that we did opt to make a oval blue apatite pendant as well. The colors vary so much that we've made one side of the every single pendant paler, and one side of every single pendant a little bit darker. Fantastic stone.

Then if you wanted to see the blue apatite with teal, this is lovely. Oh, this is just incredible. The blue apatite really does have an undertone of teal. So pretty, really, really nice. So, that's lovely there. Then the blue apatite with turquoise crystal. Just gives it a fantastic pop. Look at that. Brings a lightness to it, which is divine. So, so pretty.

Then we've got ... we did the sapphire already, didn't we? Yes. Now I think the two that you haven't seen yet is the teal and the turquoise crystal. This provides a nice level of contrast in the colors, but still having a harmony of shades of the blue in them. Now what we're also expecting in the blue tones, which is being waited for with bated breath is the imperial jasper. Very, very soon, we're hoping to have this in. This is incredible. It's got the most stunning shades of turquoise and tan. Shades of tan throughout this stone, which is completely natural and stunning.

And just quickly, to tantalize you a little bit, here's how it looks with the teal. I mean, wow, gorgeous. Here is how it looks with the turquoise crystal, which instantly just ... I mean, look at that, instantly just pops and lifts even brighter. Makes this bright stone look even brighter. Oh, the similarity in the colors, but the difference in the effect is stunning. I love that. I love mixing a similar color but with a different surface. So satin with shiny, stone with crystal, just beautiful.

Then we've got the sapphire crystal together with the blue apatite. I mean, wow, very elegant. Really putting an elegant spin on a natural stone which is just a bun. Then we have blue apatite. So this is two busy stones together. You've heard we talk about busy stones. What I mean by that is there's a lot going on in the stone as opposed to, for example, aventurine, which is pretty much the same color all the way through. That's not a busy stone. That's a fairly consistent stone. But this here are two busy stones, which I at first thought ... But they really do look very, very beautiful on. So I hope that gives you a really good idea of what all the different blue tones are like in our range.