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August 29, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


They say it's not easy being green, but the only challenge I see is choosing the shade because they're all so beautiful! 

Well, you don't have to! See all of our fabulous green 10 Way Necklace ranges and get inspired by their stunning pairing combinations! 

💚 Sea Green Crystal

💚 Amazonite

💚 Indian Agate

💚 Malachite

💚 Aventurine

💚 Emerald Crystal

Watch Maria demonstrate the colours and share her mixing and matching suggestions.

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10 Way Necklace
Sea Green

10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace
Indian Agate

10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace

(Video Transcript)

Well, they say it's not easy being green and when green is this beautiful, how do you choose? So I see what they're saying. Now, I mean, look at this, I think the green category in the 10 Way Necklace range has morphed into, by far the most. We've got the sea green in the crystal, which is the very, very first. It's metallic, as you can tell. There's a golden undertone in the crystal color and it's divine. Then what came next? Let's see. I think amazonite. Amazonite has been around since almost the beginning of the natural stone collections and this has got, look, it's a beautiful minty green with lots of tan, chocolate, charcoal, and it's just the most unusual stone in a beautiful way. So, so lovely. Then I think the Indian agate came through. Lots of natural stone in green. It's divine. Indian agate which is like a sage in Australia, we call sage khaki. It's like a muted darker sage effect, lots of shades of sage. Again, touches of white, tan here and there really, really pretty look at that. Every now and then there's a dull lilac in it. It's just amazing. See that? Just beautiful.

Then came the malachite, I'm pretty sure. The malachite is divine. All shades of emerald. Actually the green is the best example of regardless of the shade of green because these are all so different, they all can mix and match beautifully. Here's the aventurine it's like sea glass, just beautiful, very, very soft and even with its color. Then you've got the emerald green, which speaks for itself. emerald green translucent crystal, and is just amazing. Let's do the experiment of what looks good with what.

Now, like I said, they're all going to look good together, so let's go the aventurine and the emerald crystal. Really? That's insane. Beautiful. Love it. Then we've got our malachite and emerald green is a no brainer. To me, one is a crystal or stone version of the other so that is just rich and beautiful and very, very striking together. Oh, divine.

Then we've got okay, Indian agate with emerald. Here we go. Prove me wrong. Sage, deep colors with a brighter, stronger color looks incredible. It's just stunning. These are so earthy and this is so not earthy. It's just gorgeous. Love it. Then let's put it with the aventurine. This will be interesting. Aventurine together with emerald. If anything was not going to work, I would say this. Now having said working or not working, if you had a top with tones of light green with say, for example, some strong green going through it or shades of mint and emerald, that's going to pick up on this beautifully. Just beautiful. In fact, I still think they look gorgeous together. Each look is just so different. Sea green and emerald, actually, I haven't done this before. Sea green and emerald, two very different crystals, both of the green family of coloring. Yep. Yep. I'm just right again. I can't help that. No, I'm only kidding.

What I mean is I've learned a lot about color in the last, yeah, five or six years, especially dealing in the sisterhood with a lot of adventurous women that are happy to try anything and everything. It's just been a joy. I've embraced more color as many of you know, oh my gosh. Indian agate and sea green. Hello. Wow. You could still bring out your style, so whether you like bright colors, whether you like subdued colors, whether you ... There's a tone in each family of colors, it's malachite and sea green, stunning. You can do the bright version. You can do a darker version, a soft version, a strong version in every single color palette. It's completely up to you. It's like painting. We have the paints, the necklaces are all the paints, and you get to choose which tones you like best. Now having said that too, it also depends on the mood that you're in, doesn't it? It really depends on where you're going, what you're doing, what outfits you're wearing and how noticeable you want to be or how soft you want your outfit to be. You could be different every single time. Once again, there's all the beautiful green tones in the 10 Way Necklace family.