Fabulous Style Ideas With Our Kimonos and 10 Way Necklaces

November 11, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


There are so many ways to style our gorgeous Kimonos and 10 Way Necklaces that we're continuing where we left off! 👘

Matching these two pieces helps bring out all the stunning colours, and adding such accessories like connectors or pendants give you endless outfit options for any occasion. 

A Lilac kimono and a Rose Quartz 10 Way Necklace? Yes, please! 😍

Whether you like it simple, layered or extravagant, we've got you covered. 

Watch Maria style our newest kimonos and 10 Way Necklaces and get incredible ideas for your next outing. 

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Pink Snakeskin

10 Way
Rose Quartz

(Video Transcript)

So, this is where we left off in the last video. I was wearing all three pinks with the gorgeous snake-skin kimono. Now, let's do something a little bit different. Let's do some combo work with the pinks. Now the gorgeous, stunning, new lilac kimono. This is the lilac leaves, by the way, I'm wearing the viscose version. I think it throws a bit of pink. So it's just divine. It's got shades of pink in the background with the lilac and purples and black in the foreground. So, for example, if we remove the pink agate, we can easily then grab the lilac and pop this in for a really... Oh, look at this combo. So what I'm wearing now is pink crystal, lilac crystal, and the rose quartz. Isn't that something special. It's so beautiful. Really and truly amazing. Now, of course, if we take the pink crystal away, you can also do amethyst or deep purple crystal to add all three shades to this beautiful kimono.

If in doubt when you're accessorizing an outfit with more than one color, just pick the colors in the outfit. It is really gorgeous. Obviously, goes with the whole thing, and it's a bit of a no brainer in that it just picks up everything that you are wearing. So, that's beautiful there. So then let's, just to be cheeky, remove the rose quartz completely. Oh, look at that. Wow. Wow. Wow. And for balance, pop the purple crystal on at the top. So look at that. That's purple crystal. The deep purple crystal, lilac, and the amethyst. Wow. All right. Let's pay a little more homage to the rose quartz and the other pinks. Actually, this is lovely. The pink peonies, ah, yes, has the most beautiful shades in it. It's got not just pink, soft pink, deep pink. It's got the raspberry.

So, that is amazing. Look at this. So you've got the raspberry there. It just brings the color out. But let's grab, for example, two rose quarts connectors and swap out the connectors from the raspberry. And it's a really easy way to create a perfectly matching bracelet to go with your mix of colors here. So if I was to get my single strand, where is it, now that I've created this mess? Here it is. The single strand over here. Wrap it with my rose quartz connectors. And look at that. You've instantly got a beautifully matching piece here to go with your piece here. And we're only mix and matching two 10 way necklaces. That's all we are doing. Now, also, if we were to get the raspberry link, pop it on the top. There's so many things we can do here.

It's just amazing. Oh, there's one more thing. The magma. The magma in the cushion goes shockingly well. I know that you might be thinking I'm overstating it. It's shocking. To me, off, the magma looks like a rust color. But when you wear it with the raspberry, it starts to take on the raspberry. Isn't it amazing what color can do? It's just wild. So, that is beautiful there. So whether you want to let it be nice and simple, whether you want to layer up some more, whether you want to do things like this. So let's get this back on. So there's the tassel, the pendant. Do you ever do that? Do you have a double layer feature and feature? That's pretty cute. And then let's get the... Actually, no. I want to leave that on. Super cute. One color. Lovely. And then we're going to get the rose quartz back, pop that in with one connector, I think.

Yeah. Give the softness just there. Isn't that lovely. So, so, so nice. So that's like repeating the exact softness that you see in this kimono, the pink peonies kimono, and it's just duplicating it again, as far as the colors and the jewelry goes. And whether you don't have to have the tassel happening. Let's get the single strand in the rose quartz, frame the link around the base of the neck. Lovely. And then if you wanted to, get the raspberry and add the long strand. Isn't that cute as well? So as you know, the options are endless. You could just go on and on with it all. And yeah, I might have to make a part three to this video, put together. But anyway, I hope that's given you some ideas of how you can mix and match your 10 way necklaces, your link range, your long strands. It just goes on and on. So I hope you enjoyed this styling video, and we'll be back next time.