Fabulous Ways To Style Jewellery With A Halter Neck Top

January 10, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Halter tops are casual, comfortable, and sexy! 🔥

But you can spice things up even more and create endless fresh looks by accessorising your favourite halter top with a sparkly 10 Way Necklace, Link Necklace and other jewellery.

Need ideas or inspiration? Maria's got you covered for any occasion!

Watch her share some fantastic ways to style a halter top.

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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're having a great end-of-year break. I really hope you had some downtime, some time to rest.

So I thought I would do some styling of a halter neck top. So this is something that we don't wear very often here, but I've just got this new top and I thought it was very, very cute. So it's a kind of V shape. Halter neck tops can often be rounded or a V shape, or square even. But this, in particular one, is kind of rounded and then comes to an ever so slight V, which is really nice because you can have a play with whether you want to drop it down to a V.

So what I've got is the white link and the denim in the cushion, or whether you want to just leave it rounded just like that. So that's a really nice look to have with it as well. Now, you can also do things like mimic them. So, with a halter neck top, you'd either stay nice and clear of the end of the fabric here, or what you could do easily is come down longer than the fabric, and when I say fabric, I mean neckline. Now I wonder if this white's going to show up much at all. Hmm. Let's try a different color.

So let's try the beautiful new teal. So this is just beautiful, really, really nice color here. So that's it there. So whether you want to go quite long, raise it up a little bit there. You'll hear me say this quite often. You want to clear this line significantly. You either want to be high or above it. Otherwise, if you end up with a necklace here, you end up with strands below, strands above. It doesn't want to behave because it's fighting with the neckline of your fabric. And yeah, you just want to let the necklace do its own thing without getting interrupted as you move, by your neckline of your top. So that's a rule of thumb that I always follow.

Now, you can also of course, have it long. But let's try the triple strand, just short. So this is lovely. Very, very nice. Nice to do something really nice and simple there. Of course, you can also do just a nice little single strand. The other way to go, is to wear larger earrings and nothing around the neck. Actually, that's kind of cute, right? So whether you want to leave it nice and simple. Yeah. It's amazing how flexible you can be with the halter neck. Because it comes so close to the neck, I used to always be concerned about wearing any necklace with it. But as I've gotten older, and you tend to throw rules out the window, I think you really can. You can wear something really lovely and layered here, if you wanted to, something simple, if you like.

In fact, let's try something a little bit layered. So let's try a different color. Let's try the pink agate. Beautiful there. Just look at that. Isn't it amazing how anything looks good with white? Absolutely anything. And let's try something different. Let's try the amethyst. So now the pink agate is actually quite bright. There's a lot of white in the pink agate, and that is so cute, isn't it? And as you all know, it's so easy to then add a bracelet that matches perfectly. So for example, I've got the amethyst there in the two connectors, and I'll grab the single strand in that pink, pop it like that. Oops. Oops. Oops. Come on, behave little ones. There you go.

And then let's just have a play with... Oh, I know. I know. I know. The pinky peach scarf. So whether you wanted to wear this as a wrap, a scarf, actually, what I should have done, now that I've grabbed this scarf. Okay. Off with the amethyst and on with the copper orange. Have you seen the copper orange yet? This is just divine, such a different, beautiful metallic color. Oh, okay. Now we're cooking with gas, just divine.

Now the other thing too, with the halter neck top, don't forget, because you've got this long accentuated shape happening around the neck, you can also then add in a tassel, to even accentuate it even more. So let's grab this single strand, attach it to the tassel, pop it over the top and then look at that. So cute. Really, really nice. Wow. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So that's the idea there.

So many more ideas where that came from, and that's just a few ideas on how to accessorize a halter neck top.

Once again, I hope you're having a wonderful time. Speak to you soon.