Fabulous Ways To Style Plain And Printed Fabrics

November 18, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Us girls are always looking for new styling ideas, aren't we? And there can never be too much inspiration in fashion! 💃

How about styling print and plain fabrics? It’s simple yet so refreshing.

As always, Maria has some fantastic tips and tricks on how to get it right and create gorgeous daily outfits. 

Plus, a glimpse of some fabulous last chance items that you might want to catch and get great deals. 🥰

Watch this video, learn how and always have what to wear!

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Mustard Floral

Winter Scarf

Lilac Leaves

Winter Scarf

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all well. I just wanted to show you what print and plain looks like as in styling. We've got a request from a lady in the Sparkle Sisterhood, can you show me what it's like to style with print and plain fabrics? And I thought of a couple of ways to show you.

So I'm wearing a plain long cardigan with a plain white [inaudible 00:00:23]. You can see block color, block color. Very, very simple, classic, but a little bit on the, let's say, boring side. So what I've done is I've grabbed the silk cathedral in the scarf and instantly you put it on and it instantly adds a point of interest. Just beautiful, doesn't overpower the jewelry or any of it all because everything else is so nice and simple that the scarf is beautifully accessorizing the whole outfit to give you a complete look.

Now, whether you want to put it around the base of the neck is completely up to you as well. Whether you want to tie it, it's really not going to matter. The point is, is that all the colors look beautifully together. And as long as you're picking a color out from the print with the block color, you're absolutely fine.

Now, let me show you another way. Now, I don't have a lot of printed clothing. So let's get a bit creative, shall we? I have grabbed the pink peonies kimono. So let's pop this on and let's just pretend it's a top, like a full ... what's the word? Detailed and print top. Now I'm going to put on a little belt to keep it shut, so you don't see any of the white as well. And you can really get the idea of what it is I'm talking about. Now, the other scarves that we have in plain color, are the winter scarves. They also happen to be in our last chance items because after we ... on sale, as a sale price. So after we move the winter scarves, we're going to give them a little break for a while because we have a lot of clothing for the time being.

Now, so this gives you an idea of a fully printed top. Now we grab the pink winter scarf, which is the jewel sided, gray on one side, pink on the other. And look at this. So that is just a divine. So again, all I've done is grab a tone of color from the fabric and added it with the scarf. So this is just beautiful. Once again, whether you want to wear it draped around the neck, long just for a bit of warmth is completely up to you. And actually whether you want to wear this as a wrap is definitely doable, as well, with just a little bit of the fabric [inaudible 00:02:59] here and there. It's all going to work definitely. So let me show you a couple more ways that we can do this and we'll go from there.

So now I'm wearing the mustard floral kimono. Absolutely beautiful, love, love this. And I happen to have a mustard winter scarf. It's again, dual tone, got the biscuit on one side, the mustard on the other. Now this is beautiful. I love this color. And really, really nice. So once again ... so picture this, whether you're choosing to wear as a thicker winter scarf, or just a light, sheer scarf or a wrap. Totally up to you. Really, really nice. So once again, picking out the color that already appears in the kimono or your piece of clothing. I have one more to show you and then you'll really get the picture of what I'm talking about.

The snow leopard cape, oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this? And it's in the last chance section as well. Now, what I would put with this is, is the dual tone black and gray. And both sides are going to go, as you can see. So whether you choose a black scarf to compliment this or a gray scarf to compliment this, both go absolutely beautifully. Now I do have one more to show you because I got another idea while I was going in and have a look. So just give me one sec.

Last but not least, I am showing the lilac leaves kimono as the printed piece of fabric. And then I'm going to show you the winter scarf in the lilac and gray. Look at this beautiful two tone happening there. And would you look at this? Absolutely lovely. Really, really nice. And goes just beautifully.

So I hope that's been a little bit helpful as far as styling print with plain fabrics. And you get a really good idea about what you like and what will work for you in your wardrobe and also in ours. Don't forget to check out our last chance section. A lot has been added there, whether it be jewelry and/or clothing or scarves. And you might just see a little bargain that you want to pick up.