Get 20% Off These Stunning Last Chance Items

January 18, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


To make room for many new exciting items this year, we're saying goodbye to 3 different lines. 

Sad? Don't be, because now you can get 20% off all of them! 👇

  • The beautiful satin Slate range in three variations with intermittent yellow gold, rose gold or silver beads.
  • The natural stone Black Agate range that looks fantastic with everything.
  • The unique Garnet range in a gorgeous dark, deep, red wine colour.

The last chance items include 10 Way necklaces, tassels, earrings, etc. 

Shop these now before they’re gone forever!

Watch Maria demonstrate these beautiful ranges and share ideas on how to style them! 

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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10 Way Necklace

10 Way Necklace
Black Agate

10 Way Necklace


(Video Transcript)

We have a lot of new items coming in this year. So to make some room, we have decided to discontinue three different lines, and I can make them 20% off and put them in the last chance item right now, that category right now. So to start with, it is the slate. That's why I said five. There are three different colors in the slate. They come in the yellow gold, the silver and the rose gold. Now this is, it's like a really matte charcoal color. Absolutely beautiful. There you go there, and they look wonderful on their own. So I'm going to grab the rose gold. They've got the intermittent, shiny yellow gold, rose gold, or silver beige. And as you can see there, there they are, just lovely. And the rest of it is matte. So this is satin, like a gun metal color, and this is rose gold, really, really lovely. Now whether you choose to wear them on their own, or with other colors is totally up to you. I'll show you this here.

So for example, if I choose to team this up with the satin rose gold, it looks amazing. Look at this, look at that for a beautiful, layered effect. So of course you can do this with silver or yellow gold. And meanwhile, that is the entire range in them. So it's the tassels, the links, the earrings, whatever we have left are all on sale 20% off. And actually all our items like this are in a category called the last chance items section. So you can go there and find things we can't get any more of. And some are discounted, some are not, it just depends on how we got them, where we got them, that kind of idea. So that's the slate and the gun metal, sorry, the slate in the rose, the silver and the yellow. So really, really lovely. Treat them like would say, for example, a charcoal pearl. You can mix and match them as you would charcoal. And they really are divine.

Now the next color is the black agate. Now the black agate is just a solid stone all the way through. The color runs all the way through. And there's no variation in this natural stone. And really, really lovely, looks fantastic with anything. As you know, black goes beautifully with anything. So whether you want to mix it, and because it's a solid color, often with natural stones, it's a bit tricky to mix two different busy stones. For example, the Indian agate. That's got lots of different things happening in there. It's tricky to mix that with two stones like that together, but with the black agate, it's like a casual way to wear black. It's not as glitzy as the black crystal, but it still gives you that lovely, strong shade of black. And having said black crystal, look at them together. I love mixing the same color in different finishes. So say for example, the sparkly black crystal, along with the black agate. So look at that. That's beautiful. They're really nice two tone, not a two tone, two texture effect. Really, really pretty.

So then, we've also got that's going on the last chance item that garnet. Yes it's time to say goodbye to the beautiful garnet. It's a dark red wine, the garnet. Absolutely divine. Let me just get it for you here. And here we go. So here is the garnet, so you can see it's a dark stone, pretty much monotone all the way through. And it's just got that undercurrent of red wine. It's a really interesting, it's got a beautiful depth to it. The lovely thing about the garnet necklace is that you can mix it beautifully with the raspberry crystal. So look at that. Really, really nice. Because it is a deep dark raspberry. Look at that. It's very tricky to see this on the camera, but you can see it there, how it's leading towards some deep sort of red shades there.

So whether you even like to mix things like this, bring this down, take that out, let's get the connectors for the raspberry in, and then put the garnet it back on the bottom. This is a really lovely way to create a two tone effect without too much fast really. It's really easy to put together this kind of look. So just to recap, we are putting the yellow gold slate in all three colors, yellow, gold, silver, and rose. We are putting the garnet color as well as the black agate stone on 20% last chance item, 20% off right now across the entire site. If you don't see earrings or tassels there, it's because they're gone. So it's pretty much whatever's left is on sale. So enjoy that last chance section now.