Get 30% Off Our Special Mother’s Day Bundle!

April 07, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Mother's day is coming, and it's time to spoil your Mum and yourself with our special Tri-Colour Link Necklace Bundle we've created especially for the occasion. The best part? It's 30% off! 💖

The three-piece bundle includes a necklace, bracelet, and a beautiful champagne Crystal Heart Pendant from the gorgeous Austrian crystal.

The Bundle is available in two lengths: 

Regular Length NOW $99 AUD, that’s around $75 USD (usual price $147 AUD or $110 USD)

Longer Length NOW $119 AUD, or around $89 USD (usual price $174 AUD or $130 USD)

No matter what colour jewellery you wear, the Tri-Colour Range with satin silver, yellow gold, and rose gold will go with everything! 

You can also check out our Mother's Day Gift guide full of stunning and unique 10 Way Necklaces, accessories, fashion & clothing items and gift certificates and choose the gift your mum will love…

…or treat YOURSELF to something truly special. 

We made the shopping experience as easy as pie too! Order your gift, get it neatly wrapped, and don't worry about a single thing.

Shop now.

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid disappointment.

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(Video Transcript)

It's time to share the love this Mother's Day by spoiling yourself, or mom with a beautiful, versatile, three-piece bundle we have created for you that comes at 30% off. This bundle can create so many different designs. It's just amazing. The three pieces for this bundle are, a gorgeous tricolor link bracelet. So you can't go wrong, this color bracelet has all three magnet colors in it, rose gold, silver and yellow gold so it'll go with all your other jewelry. The necklace has the same. And the beautiful champagne heart, well, who doesn't like champagne. It's just divine. You can wear the necklace without the heart, or with. You can wear the bracelet as a bracelet, or extend the necklace longer to go with any neckline, no matter where you're going, or what you're doing. This is the longer length set. Now, the other length that comes in looks like this. The bracelet is also a little bit smaller as well. So, if you think mom likes a lot more length, go for the longer one. If not, this is the one for her.

Again, it comes with three pieces. The necklace, the bracelet that could extend the length, or wear it as a bracelet, and once again, the beautiful champagne crystal heart, which looks truly gorgeous. Order now while stocks last. Make mom very happy, or maybe even yourself. So go to and get your stunning Mother's Day bundle now.