Get a FREE Crystal Heart Pendant With Our New Starter Offer

November 02, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, you spoke, we listened and are thrilled to introduce our new Special Starter Offer. 💖 

We heard your comments in the Sparkle Sisterhood Facebook Group that it can be difficult deciding what colour and accessories to choose for your first 10 Way Necklace, so we are making it super easy for you!

Simply choose between the stunning Black Crystal or Cream Freshwater Pearl 10 Way Necklace, and get a FREE A/B Crystal Heart pendant and start styling! 

Both colours are timeless, go with everything, and the beautiful pendant gives an instant glam to your look in seconds!

This Special Offer has been designed for new customers but for a limited time we’re making this available to you, our gorgeous existing customers, as well! 

So, if you don’t already have the Black Crystal or Cream Pearl, now is the perfect time to get yours and add to your collection.

Watch Maria showcase different styling options with the starter offer, and go to to get yours today!

Items featured in our videos often sell-out quickly and may not be available anymore. We always recommend getting in early to avoid dissapointment.

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(Video Transcript)

Black and white goes with everything, right? Ladies, you spoke and we listened. You love the versatility of the 10 way necklace, but there are so many choices in color, you don't know where to start. So we decided to make it as simple as black or white, whether it's our beautiful black crystals over here, or our stunning, real, fresh water pearls. We are going to make this really easy for you. So, we have made a creative way. So we have made your first decision on which 10 way necklace to buy first, very, very easy, and also creative. Watch this.

So this 10 way necklace, as you know, has 10 different styles in one, you know the drill. Any neckline, any occasion, you can create the perfect necklace to suit your outfit. Now, what we've decided to do is add a crystal heart. Would you look at this? A beautiful AB crystal heart. Look at the colors in that. And the wonderful thing about this is you can pop it in and wear it short, just like that. Look at how it just transforms the whole look of it. Or grab the two connectors. Lengthen the single strand down. And wear the heart lower. It's completely up to you. Also, wear it nice and simple. And wear it shorter as well.

And we'll package it all up beautifully with instructions with a beautiful crystal heart and your 10 way necklace as well. We didn't want our gorgeous sparkle sisters to miss out. So choose between real freshwater pearls or your black crystal, and you will receive the AB heart for free. Go to and take advantage of your starter offer to start you on your jewelry journey with us now.