Giving Back, New Last Chance Items & Styling Ideas

February 14, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, I want to thank you all for helping us support important causes very near and dear to our hearts! 💖

We've raised $3500 during my Birthday Sale and I’m doubling the amount, so we're donating a total of $7000 to the McGrath Foundation! We will also continue to support the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, which is a safe haven for homeless women. 

In other news, we've added our pearl and crystal Feature Connectors and Austrian Crystal Small Hearts to the last chance items, and now you can get them with 25% off! 

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Watch Maria share a few new styling ideas with necklaces, pendants and Kimonos

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Link Necklace
Tri-Colour Satin Metal

Teal Crystals

Feature Connector
Sea Green Cream Pearl



(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. Now, I went to a thank you breakfast for the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter the other day. Homelessness is something that's very dear to my heart, and we are starting more fundraising as of late last year into this year. I'm just so thrilled to be able to give back. It's really exciting. It was a little bit of a thank you breakfast to say thank you for everyone that donated, supported us last year, and we certainly did through your sales in the website. Thank you so much, and we were doing the same thing this year.

We just did the same thing for the McGraw Foundation and we raised $3,500. I'm doubling it and we're donating $7,000 to the McGra Foundation. Now, back to the video. I actually wore a necklace like this and the ladies were really, really loving it, so I thought I'd explained what I did, and also I wore it with this kimono. I teed up the tricolor link. I love the tricolor a link. It just goes with so many different colors. It's got the rose, the satin, and the yellow gold. Satin rose, satin, yellow gold, and satin silver, which comes up with like a frosty kind of gray white.

It's just beautiful. And then I've got the bracelet with it as well. And then I've interrupted them with the lovely connectors from the teal, which really pick up on this kimono. You can also add a pendant in the front. This is the gorgeous pearl pendant. And as you can see, it looks fantastic with the combo of the tricolor and different things like you can also do a filigree pendant. And as you know, it goes on and on. You can also do things like add in...

These are the clear leaf connectors that we have, and they can go in between anything, whether you want to make them the feature, or whether you want to just add just a bit more length or a bit more space to something, a little point of interest there. What I like about the clear leaf is that it's very, very subtle and you can actually create any look that you like. It's right in the sweet spot there. Let's add perhaps two more clear leaves for just a bit more length.

Now, the other thing that I really wanted to mention is that we had a lot of things at added to the last chance items category. Look at that. So cute. For example, all the feature connectors, all of these are 20% off. They're actually all the pearl and crystal combo. Just beautiful. Anything feature connector E, if that's a word, is being added to the last chance items, as well as at 20% off, as well as things like the small heart crystals. We've got quite a few different colors in them, and they've all been added there.

Take a little look. You pick yourself up a nice little bargain and make room for other things as well. What you could do there too, let's just have a little play. Here, I've got the sea green with the pearl combo and over here, I've got the midnight. Now, if we remove the teals... Now don't forget too, we're still talking about in the neck mass here that they... It's one long strand. You can actually add in whatever you like the look of and create very simple or elaborate looks. Because as you know, with the Ten Way Necklace round, it's completely up to you.

I just love the tricolor. So nice. Goes with everything and goes with all your jewelry and all your outfits because it's got the three different colors in it. Hope that's given you some styling inspiration and we'll see you all very, very soon.