Beautiful modal and viscose animal print kimonos and scarves are available now, PLUS special heartfelt messages from the Sparkle Sisterhood!


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(Video Transcript)

Welcome, ladies. I hope you're doing really, really well.

Now in case I look a little bit lopsided, it's because I'm showing, at the same time, the two different fabrics that our kimonos come in. Now, this is our brand new, yes, it's already been launched, animal print. It's just divine, look at it. It's got lots of different... It's got feathers, leopard, a cheetah, it's just beautiful.

This is the two different fabrics here. So as you can see, the viscose is more sheer, really a little more transparent, and the colors are a little more subdued due to the nature of the fabric. The modal is more solid, less see-through, and so the colors are brighter because the fabric is more solider color as is modal silk.

Now the difference between the two fabrics as well is the modal is a little bit longer. Yes, both styles will definitely fit a size 10 to a size 22 Australian, but this does it about 10 centimeters longer and a little more room around here. So if you're a little bit worried about the size in regards to that go for the modal.

The viscose is, like I said, 10 centimeters shorter, still got plenty of room. My little Kristen, my daughter, is a size 10 and she's little teeny-weeny, and the viscose looks amazing on her. Really beautiful. I love the viscose, but I'm finding I'm also enjoying wearing the modal just to have more of that sort of solid fabric. The feeling of the modal fabric is beautiful, but it doesn't have the sheerness, which I love, so it's personal preference once again.

So just to let you know, we've launched this, again the brown agate, looks amazing with all-animal prints. We have had quite an explosion of animal prints. We've had a fine wool in the leopard print. This is just lovely, it's all brown hues, there you go, again with the brown agate looks amazing. They're live as well.

Last but not least, but only in modal, unfortunately, the kimono in the peacock feather. We have been working on this for so long. Like I can't even begin to tell you the work that's gone behind the size of the feathers, the placement of the feathers, it's just insane. Anyway, they're finally here and they are beautiful.

Let me put a little something, something on with this, just so I'm not naked. Now as you can see the turquoise crystal looks amazing with it. So this is the teal only in the modal. The viscose will be coming soon, so only in the modal we got the teal. So we got some, not a hell of a lot, but some in the off-white that's really pretty nice and fresh. There you go. We also got some in the black, let's call it an almost black. It's not really a jet black in this. We're calling it a black, but just so you know, the background isn't super stark it's like an aubergine kind of color. So there you go.

We also got a new fabric, called the silk modal, in a scarf. This is divine. We also got them in the fine wool. Just to give you an idea of the difference between the fine wool and the modal silk, same size, here is the difference. Because the fine wool is going to have more of a sheer and more open weave, the definition is less. So it's more muted, it's more sort of calmed down, if you like. Here it is, exactly the same scarf in the modal silk. There's the color difference there, just so you can see you're really, really clear on what you're getting.

The other difference is, obviously, this is sheer, but beautiful. Gosh, it's nice. It carries really, really nice. Just enough bulk around the base of the neck to keep you warm. Both fabrics are amazing, different and amazing. Fine wool.

Then you've got the modal silk. This has got a little bit more weight to it, more of sort of like a silk kind of flowing, a bit more of weight to it because of the size of it and this can be hand washed. The fine wool needs to be dry-cleaned.

These are all available now in the off-white, the aubergine, the black and the teal and also available just the teal and the black in the fine wool. So, these are all available now. Click the link below on which items you like, and get shopping for some different animal prints.

Also, as a little treat just in case you're not in the sisterhood, I invited the sisterhood to all give us a video, A, on what they thought of the products and, B, what they thought of the Sparkle Sisterhood group. I wanted to make a montage of the video and it was a huge job, I tell you, hours and hours of editing. But the video is a real feel-good video. It is so beautiful that the sentiments and the touch and the way that the girls express themselves is really, really lovely. So hold on, the video will play now and your Sparkle Sisters will give you a shout-out hello.

By the way, if you're wanting to add to the video, you're more than welcome to send me a video of what you think of the products and what you think of the Sparkle Sisterhood, and that could be added as well. You can send it to For now, go and get some animal shopping. Speaker 2: