Gorgeous NEW Arrival: Emerald Crystal Range

December 17, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola


The long wait is over! 🤩

I know that we said we weren't going to do another launch BUT, The 10 Way Necklace in the NEW Emerald crystal has finally arrived! 😍 And it is nothing short of stunning.

The colour is so regal &  gorgeous and it goes perfectly with the beautiful tassels, or any of the stunning pendants. You can make it even more glamorous paired with one of our gorgeous Kimonos. 

Watch Maria demonstrate the range  and share some unique ways of styling it!

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10 Way Necklace
Emerald Crystal

Emerald Crystal

Mini Connectors
Emerald Crystal


(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. I know we weren't going to do another launch. Famous last words. But the Emerald crystal came in and our sparkle sisters had been just waiting patiently, is the word ... impatiently, let's just go with that. For it to arrive and we just couldn't wait any longer.

So the Emerald crystal is just beautiful. Here it is. There's a close up look at it. And look at the sparkle on that, it's gorgeous. I've chosen to wear it with the peacock kimono. Beautiful, perfect match. There you go. While I'm back here, I shall grab you the tassel to look at. Look at the tassel in this. Oh my goodness, gracious. Just divine. Of course, the entire range is in, that's minis, tassels, connectors, long strands, short strands, the whole shebang. And actually speaking of short strands, we do have a medium strand. It's a 50 centimeter strand because quite a few customers also mentioned, they prefer to have a longer single strand around the neck so they can wear it singularly without feeling it like it's so short. So we made a 50 centimeter strand, as well. And then they can use this single strand. So the 50 centimeter strand is a separate option. And then they use the single strand as the bracelet and still have the longer 50 centimeter strand to go around the neck, which is gorgeous.

Now also, the long strand. Just divine, here it is here. And you can wear it multi wrapped, which is just beautiful. Look at this coloring, gorgeous. Or choose to wear it as a long necklace like that. Or double it up as a multi wrapped necklace like that, as well. So as you already know, the ability to change designs and styles truly go on and on. And don't forget, you can layer things up beautifully. So you can actually choose to wear the tassel on top of it all, just like that. Or wear the tassel long as well at the end of each strand.

And now the Emerald that we have offered in our pendants in the past in case you are wondering, goes beautifully with this Emerald 10 way necklace, I'll show you. So I just put the single strand back on and here is the Emerald crystal there, just divide. The match is just gorgeous. Having said that, it does team up beautifully with the Pearl, any neutral, it'll go beautifully with any neutral. And it also goes beautifully with the amethyst and with this kimono, it's just a no brainer. So one second, there we go. Okay. In action. Look at that. Amazing. Just gorgeous.

And of course with these, these are the large oval natural stone pendants that we've gotten in. And these have just been incredible, absolutely love them. Look at that. It's like a peacock eye repeated. There you go. A peacock feather eye, not a peacock eye.

All right, lovelies. Well, take care. I hope you like this new color and they are available now. I hope you're all well, stay safe and talk to you really soon.