Gorgeous Styling Tips For Changing Weather

January 06, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Did you notice that the weather is a little bit all over the place lately? ☀️🌧️ Summers can be cold, winters sometimes turn hot - it's all unpredictable and changes how we dress.

But don't worry, as always, Maria's got you covered with her styling tips! 

These include the best ways to layer your outfits with our versatile Kimonos and zhuzh up your style with the 10 Way Necklace and its accessories

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(Video Transcript)

Now the weather is rapidly changing all the time. Our summers, sometimes are not as cold as they were, sometimes are. Our winters, the same. It's just a little bit all over the place. So I thought I'd give you some tips on how to layer up, whether you're going into warm seasons or cold seasons, and get your styling and your accessorizing happening really, really well. So this is our kimonos. Absolutely fantastic. Now the way that we've actually been playing with them, if you like, because they are so versatile, they've just been wonderful. Now, for example, this is the mustard and the olive floral. What's it called? The mustard floral. Yes, the mustard floral. Now, it's beautiful, as you can see. Very, very striking. And adds what would actually normally be a very, very plain outfit, it adds a nice little level of detail to it. Now, a few really, really easy ways to manage this.

Now, as you can see the sleeves are relatively longish, they come almost to my wrist. Pretty much to my wrist, so you could call them a long sleeved top. However, just with something as simple as a fine elastic band, just pop it on the edge of your... about this far in from the edge of your sleeve, and just gently roll it up. You're not even rolling it up, you're pushing it up. And it instantly turns it into, from that length sleeve to that length sleeve. And you can have it as high or as short as you like. So I've gone from a longish looking top to much, much shorter. Now, as you can see, this elastic band, it's super easy to remove if you don't feel like it, to lower the length of it, whether you want to bring it down to the elbow. It's just so simple and it holds it securely in place without feeling like there's too much pressure on the arm. So that's really lovely, that's one thing.

Another thing that we've had a couple of women say, they don't always want it to be so long. I personally love it, but as you can see, it comes to the back of the knee. They easily come to the back of the knee. And we've discovered something. So if you grab one of the sides and put just a knot in there, just a single knot, do it up, pop it in. It instantly takes quite a bit of length off the bottom. Isn't this amazing? Look at this, instantly. And because it's that long kind of flowing look, a bit of a knot to the side, which actually you can tuck inside as well, really isn't a big deal. And instantly, we've just changed this whole look of it to something else.

Another style that somebody else has said, because when I refer to other people, I'm referring to the sisterhood. A lot of things are mentioned in the sisterhood, it's so cute, everyone just has different ideas, different styles, they're sharing so much, it's just wonderful. Here's another idea. So you can grab the end of your kimono, bring it up. And I think, often, you would need a bit of a mirror to do this. Grab the bottom and just tuck it into the back of your skirt, your shorts, your pants, that kind of thing. And it instantly turns into something much shorter. Much, much shorter. And because the fabric is so soft and so finished, not fine, like silk, but thin, you really barely even feel it. It's just fantastic, so that's just a few of the different styles that you can get out of your kimono.

Now, let's come to accessorizing. So the easiest way to accessorize something with a few different colors is to pick a color out of it, or two. So I've instantly picked the sapphire crystal, which I just think is beautiful. It goes beautifully with the navy colored flowers in the print already. Just lovely. And then you could easily pick, say for example, a matte gold color, which is going to compliment the fabric and the sapphire beautifully. So say, for example, you want to wear a longish look. So I'm going to go for... Let me just have a think about this for a minute. I'm going to leave one connector in the satin yellow necklace. Actually, I might leave the two. I really like the idea, and a lot of our sparkle sisters do this. They let them more or less sit on top of each other. So what I've done here is, I've got a single strand holding the sapphire and two connectors holding the yellow gold. So really lovely, a nice casual cascading kind of look.

And then if you wanted to, you can do things like get the connectors, which look fantastic as feature pieces, look at this. So you could actually pop that there, because as we all know there's many, many different ways to style the 10 Way Necklace. And it's just so simple and easy. So whether you want to have it something like this, nice and simple. Or whether you then want to add a trip strand, a little longer to create a bit more wow factor, and not to mention the amazing tassels that we have. So for example, you can also get the matching tassel, and we have pendants as well. So let's just grab... Oh, dear. Okay, got to go with this one. And let's just grab a sapphire tassel. So let's say, for example, we remove the connector here, and add the tassel down there, really, really nice. And then another option would be to allow the... Let me just have a think about this. I've grabbed the sapphire in the starfish. So, so pretty, and popped it on there.

So there's so many countless ways to design and style your outfit and accessorize your outfit. There's always ways to tweak little different pieces of clothing. And even the clothes that you have at home, you could actually definitely use this idea of the elastic bands, or tucking in, or putting a knot into many different items of clothing that you have. And enjoy.