Gorgeous Tips on Styling Jewellery With A Round Neckline

January 12, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Almost everybody loves a round neckline! Not only because it looks great, but because it's also very easy to accessorise. Ladies, you pretty much can do no wrong! 😍

There are so many ways to pair your 10 Way Necklace, Link Necklace and other pieces with your favourite round neckline top or dress. You can match the colours, create simple everyday looks or go all out and create dramatic outfits! 

Remember, you’re your own jewellery designer! 

Need inspiration? Watch Maria demonstrate some incredible ways of accessorising your round neckline and get inspired!

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(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a great break. In this styling video, we are going to do styling a rounded neck, accessorizing a rounded neck, and... Oh, this is a navy Niche dress that I bought recently and I really, really love it, and it's just so easy to style an open round neck. You could actually... you could do no wrong. It's so simple and I'll show you.

I used to follow rules. For example, I used to say, "Well, round needs round, V needs V, and a V-neck needs V-neck," and it does. It does honestly look great. Having said all that, both look really, really good, so it depends on if you're wanting to make more of a dramatic effect, keep it nice and classic and simple. It's totally up to you. So obviously here we are mimicking the round with the round. Looks fantastic. I've got the triple strand in the satin rose gold, and I've got the tricolor in the link, which is just beautiful.

Having said that now, let's have a look at something else, another rounded effect. I've got two long strands in the rose gold and the yellow gold, and I'm going to add them on as well. So again, mimicking the round neck, above the neckline and below the neckline. That looks amazing. I absolutely love it. Really, really stunning. This could easily take you to a party or whatever you're thinking. Really, really lovely.

If you want to tone it down a little bit, take the link away. Always look in your mirrors, girls, when you're trying to find the magnet on a link. It's very hard to find them, because not only is the magnet 10 mil, all the beads are 10 mil.

It's just toned down a little bit, really nice and toned down. Jazz it up a little bit more, and I'm going to pick up the color in the dress because this is navy, and add the sapphire link. Wow, huh. Just really adds a dramatic effect and just adds to these soft tones of everything else.

Now let's go opposite, shall we. Let's go for a tassel. The tassel is going to... Actually, I'm also going to grab it in the rose gold. The tassel is going to do a couple of things. It's going to accentuate the V-neck coming down the middle, which is lengthening, slimming, the whole shebang, and just adds a whole different variance to it. Let's try with the navy first. You may think that picking the same sort of colors as what's in your clothing, as in if it's a Blot piece of clothing, it can look a bit bland, but when you're talking about sparkles with the crystal, it actually adds a really beautiful sense of shimmer.

This is the sapphire in the tassel and the single strand, and I've still got the link necklace there. Isn't that just so beautiful and simple, whether you want it to have the link on or not, really, really divine. Then of course you can leave the two connectors on and, whoopsy daisy, and then add that as well.

One thing I do mention a lot is I just like the jewelry to avoid the neckline. This just happens to sit perfectly above and below, so as I'm moving, as I'm going around, I'm not going to get some of the necklace disappearing below the fabric, which really starts to ruin the beautiful ensemble you've created at the front here, like you've got half of it falling down your top, half of it coming out, and you don't have to check it all the time. Whether it gets a bit messy or not, it's going to look wonderful. So that's a really monotone, neutral look working with the color in this dress.

Another way you can do it is start to add two-tone. Let's perhaps add a bit of white to this instead, or as well I should say. Navy and white are just so beautiful, so fresh, so beautiful. Let's go for it here. So look at this. Wow. That is just gorgeous, and then whether you want to add a link at the top in the white as well, totally up to you. Oh, look at this. So nice. So nice. Like that. You know the drill, you just keep playing. It's so much fun and it never gets old, does it?

You're your own jewelry designer, and we've just discovered something where you wear two link necklaces... Actually, this is two different lengths. Two link necklaces that are the same length. So now I've grabbed the labradorite. Let's remove the... Actually we'll leave it on for one tick. See what I mean? Doesn't take much to get it to just pop inside. This is the same length... these two are the same length, the white and the labradorite are the same length. What I like about putting them on top of each other is they just want to... they don't want to... as you move, they will fall over each other, tip back, whatever. It's an imperfect look, which I love. I think it's beautiful. It's grown on me a lot. I've come a long way when it comes to the jewelry sitting there perfectly balanced and whatever.

And then once again, you can grab a long strand if you are wanting to add some extra detail there, but what I've also loved doing is then replicating the above detail with the below detail, so you've got the white and the labradorite, and the white and the labradorite below as well.

Last but not least, we discovered another way to wear the kimonos. If you're in a part of the country where it's hot, which we are in Australia, check this out. This can be worn over your swimming costume or whatever, and you can find a short skirt to wear it with, tights, leggings, that kind of thing. Look at this.

You get your kimono, you put it behind your back facing that way. So let's just say the tag is on the inside of the neck, you can see that there. You grab it like this, you tie it up to the side, to the front, whatever you like, right, and you do a little double knot, and there you go. Look at this. You get a lovely scalloped splayed edge towards the end there. It naturally wants to go on a nice little curve, and if you are wanting to wear it as a sarong and you want to cover a little bit more leg up, well, you find the hook and the eye. Once you find the hook and eye, you then do them up as well, and the extra fabric, you just sort that out and the hole gets covered up, people. I just think it's wonderful. You're totally covered up, looking fabulous and feeling wonderful.

Thank you so much for your patience in this time while we catch up, after coming back from our break. I hope you're all rested.