Help Me Make A Difference On My Big 5-0!

February 01, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Happy 50th...To Me! 

The Big 5-0. What an incredible milestone, and there's so much more that I'm thankful for! ❤️

To celebrate, I'm not only having a big slice of chocolate cake, I'm also giving back to a cause that’s very close to my heart.  For every purchase on the entire website for 50 hours, I'm donating 10% to the McGrath Foundation to support their amazing work with Breast Cancer. This starts from February 1st at 6 am AEDST and continues all the way till February 3rd at 8 am.

And there's more (of course there is!)...I'm also launching a brand-new PINK connector especially made for the occasion. It’s made up of all of the pinks that we have in the range and it truly is divine. 

I'm inviting you ALL to join me in the festivities. Let’s shop for a cause and look spectacular while doing it. 

Let's celebrate and sparkle together! 

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Pink Peonies

10 Way Bundle
Blue Apatite

Fundraiser Connector
Pink Agate/Rose Quartz/Pink Crystal


(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're all. Well, I have a big, big birthday coming up. I'm turning 50. I almost couldn't say it properly. 50. Yes, that's right. 5-0. Wowza.

Okay, so we thought we'd do something really, really special this year. It's always been my wish to give back, and so we're going to start some charity donations with my 50th birthday coming on board, and now that the business is substantial and we can afford to give, we absolutely will be giving on a regular basis.

We're starting off with the McGrath Foundation, which supports women with breast cancer. Now, we all know someone that's been affected by breast cancer, and unfortunately it might have even been you who's watching this video right now. So, in honor of the Breast Cancer Foundation, we are going to be styling all things pink. So, I'm starting with the pink pansies kimono, and the rose quartz. And we are introducing a new product. This is gorgeous. This is an honor of breast cancer. This will be an ongoing connector. It's a new connector.

So what it's done is, it's combined all the pinks that we sell. So it is rose quartz, pink crystal, and the pink agate. Just beautiful. The shades of all three together are truly divine. So let me show you an idea.

So, you can actually put the connectors into the rose quartz instead of the rose quartz connectors, and it actually just gives a little pop of color. Now, I did leave out a little bit of information didn't I? What we'll actually be doing is on the 1st of February, which is my actual birthday, we will be donating for 50 hours straight. So we will start from 6:00AM, February 1st, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time, running through till February 3rd at 8:00AM. 50 hours.

Whatever sales we make on the website in those 50 hours, we will be donating 10% to the McGrath foundation. We will also be launching on that day this beautiful connector. So, all proceeds from that as well. And also we will be launching the stunning Apatite 10 Way necklace. Strange name, I know.

It's beautiful. It's got tons and tons of shades of blue. Really, really nice. And the entire range will be available in this apatite stone. Just amazing. So, whether it's kimonos or scarves or whatever you like from the entire website, 10% of what you will be purchasing will go towards the McGrath Foundation.

Now, let me just keep styling while we're we're talking. So, you won't just be shopping for yourself. You'll also be shopping for a cause. You'll be feeling good, looking good, and also doing a really good deed. And I'm just so thrilled to finally be at the stage where we can do this together. It's really quite exciting.

So, here is our gorgeous pink crystal. Let's pop in the rose quartz. Now, the rose quartz has just been the most amazing. This stone pendant really has been an amazing addition to our range. We've been now got it in the rose quartz, the amethyst, which is beautiful as well. We've also got it just as of recently the aventurine, which is a beautiful bottle green stone. Really amazing. And there'll be more to come as the year goes, but at the moment, that's what we've got.

Now as you can see here, the pink crystal and the rose quartz are truly, truly beautiful. We've also got the pink agate. So, these are all the pinks that we have in the range that I showed you earlier that appear in the connectors. And the rose quartz, which what I might do is actually pop this in a longer length. Let me have a quick look. Oh, yeah. I'll grab a single strand from the pink crystal and pop this there.

So, this is some lovely, balanced styling. So you get the soft rose quartz there, the stronger pink agate in the middle, and the pink crystal up on top. Now you don't have to have so much if you don't want to, as we know, just by taking out a piece or two, it just simplifies it very, very quickly.

Now you can also do things like adding a link necklace. Now, the link is also made up of the rose quartz, the pink agate, and the pink crystal. So, it actually goes beautifully with all three pinks as well as the beautiful connector, of course. So you could pop this at the top, let the link hang down the bottom, and just, wow. That is really, really beautiful.

So, we've also got clothing like the peach and pink kimono. And as you can see, it looks amazing with this too. Now if you wanted to, the orange copper, which is also relatively new, will look amazing with this combo as well. So, simply grab this... Oh, this is a metallic color, by the way, in case you were wondering. It's a crystal, and it's just amazing. So you can pop that in there like that as well, and add in.

So, what you are doing is you're mirroring the orange and the pink in the kimono, and mirroring it in your jewelry, which is really such a nice way to style. It's amazing what colors you can make look good here because it's in the clothing. So for example, while you may not think that looks so amazing, the second you put in the fabric that mimics the colors, it is just gorgeous.

Now last but not least, we also have the snake skin. This pink snake skin kimono has been divine. Really, really nice. Now what you can add here... See how instantly, the colors don't really go? It's really lovely to see that you can accessorize perfectly and easily with the colors that already appear in your kimono.

Now, what shall we add to this pink? Black crystal. Black crystal looks amazing with pink on many, many different levels, whether it's a strong pink, a soft pink, or whatever you like. Now, have a look at this. So, pop it in there, and it makes it more elegant. So instantly, it's a bit more dressy. You've got a little bit of glitz and glamor, and that just looks wonderful there. So, the styling is just endless really, you can go on and on.

So, just to recap. From February 1st at 6:00AM, we are having 50 hours of donations for my birthday. 10% of all sales will towards the McGrath Foundation, which supports women with breast cancer. It'll go through till February 3rd at 8:00AM.

So, go to, or click the link below and shop not just to look wonderful, but you're also shopping for a good cause as well. Thank you so much for joining me on this amazing give back time. I am so thrilled to be able to do this.