How to Create a Gorgeous “Neck Mess”

February 08, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


The neck mess has become one of the most popular trends in styling jewellery, and it’s no surprise. It doesn’t need to be symmetrical or structured, and it allows you to be artistic to create a unique one-of-a-kind design. Your imagination is the limit! 🤩

D’Mama (as some of you would affectionately call my mum)  has come up with a way to create this “beautiful mess” with some of the gorgeous pieces in our collection

You can:

💎 Put together different connectors and Link necklaces to create a multi-colour long necklace

💎 Pop in 2 or more pendants for that stunning feature

💎 Layer with a tassel, single or triple strand for the ultimate glam

Watch Maria demonstrate different ways to style these accessories and be prepared to look like a “gorgeous mess” on your next outing. 💃

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10 Way Necklace
Pink Agate

Fundraiser Connector
Pink Agate/Rose Quartz/Pink Crystal



(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. Da Mama, which is actually my mom that everyone affectionately calls her Da Mama in the Sparkle Sisterhood, has created a new wave of design. It's something called a neck mess. The way she does it is this. The term neck mess isn't new, I don't think. It's no particular pattern or symmetry. It's just do whatever you like, but here's the way to do it. You actually get a strand of different pieces that you'd like to see together. What I've got here is a combination of the pink crystal connector, the pink link necklace, a raspberry crystal connector, pink crystal rose, quartz connector, the new fundraiser connector, the pink one, and another raspberry connector. Then what you do is you layer it up. Now the beauty about this is... Let me just see if I can...

Now everyone's got their different spin on it. Everyone does it a little bit differently, which is fantastic, which is what the beauty is about this. So then you pop it on. Now, because it's all different, you can actually slide it around and have different parts of it be exaggerated. You can even move bits around if you want a bit more feature here or feature there. You can make part of it short and part of it long. You can actually have them on top of each other like that. Then you can go and get another strand of a few more things and put them on top as well. Of course, as you know with the 10 Way necklace range, the sky is the limit as far as design goes. It's just up to your imagination, but look what happens when you take it a step further again.

So as you know, we have loads of pendants. You can actually start to add other bits and pieces. For example, we've got leaf pendants and flat back crystal pendants. You can actually come through and pop these in and see in front of your eyes, just right there, how the design is changing. You can actually create unique, one of a kind styles to create a completely different look. Now whether you want to then do things like pop in a filigree... Like that. It's just totally up to you.

Now look at this. This is cute. Now instead of having the link necklace here, actually let's go the other way... I'm going to take the link necklace shorter and do watch your hair as you're moving. If you have longer hair, as you're moving things around, just do be mindful to be flicking your hair out so it doesn't fall in between the magnets. Hang on. Okay, here we go. All right, there we go. They don't call it a neck mess for nothing. Now, that's that there, that's that there, I've got a touch of the raspberry. Let's bring that to the front. Swap it out here. I'm going to let that dangle for a minute and let this hang like that.

Now, what if we got the agate in the triple strand and added that to the end, like that. Very different, very unique. What if we put this over here? That's cute. What if we then got a long strand and added it as well? So as you can see, it's just starting to create something a little bit unstructured, Bohemian, and just really artistic. I think that's the word I'm looking for, nice and artistic. It actually goes on and on. You can really get super creative and just go for it. So here's another idea. Whether you then get this and pop the tassel in, instead. It just goes on and on whether you want to get the long strand and double that up as well. You just create until your heart is content. I hope that gives you some stimulation to create some completely new designs that you've never thought of before and enjoy neck messing with your 10 Way necklace range.