How to Style Your 10 Way Necklace with a Link Bracelet

October 14, 2021 by Author Maria Nicola

Maria has a new, easy and unique way to style your favourite 10 Way Necklace with a Link Bracelet. Make sure you try it out, we’re sure you're going to love it!


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(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. Just recently, we discovered some new styling. This is so cool. And I cannot wait to show you, it's really quite gorgeous.

So you got tourmaline necklace, you can do this with any color. If you have a bracelet in the link, check this out. So take your ... Let me just think about this for a minute. Take your triple strand. Then flip it. The whole thing. Flip the triple at the back. Now I'm just going to do this up to flip my hair out so it doesn't get caught. Now you're going to flip the triple, all of it. Then you're going to get a matching link. Now this looks great with connectors as well as the link, but the bracelet in the link is just so cute. Would you look at this?

So firstly, there's this idea. Cute as a button. Then we went on. So we got the single strand, and let's just get a matching pendant. I'm going to get the tear drop in the emerald, and pop that around there. Now it doesn't have to be matching color. How beautiful is this? It's so sweet. Or you can grab, for example, a filigree pendant, pop it in like this. How cute is that? And it goes on and on. And of course, you can do it with connectors if you like. And I copied one of the girls the other day in, from the Sparkle Sisterhood, in a live the other day. And I spent the rest of the time doing it in every single color imaginable.

So let me show you what it looked in the pink, because of course once it looks good in one color, it's going to look good in every single color. So let me pop on the snake skin kimono. This is the snake skin kimono in the modal. That was the palm leaf kimono, okay, in the viscose.

Now let me get the pink agate. All right, the pink agate. Then we flip the triple again. There we go. Now we get ... Oh, this time I'm going to go ... Where is my pink link? There it is. Pop it in just like that. And then what we did was, and I think this is what started the whole craze to begin with, I popped in ... Actually, let me just get the silver. The new rose quartz. And look at this, this is the new rose quartz stone. And look at that. The lovely thing about this is, is that really mimics the line of the rose quartz above. How sweet is that?

Okay, let's do one more. I can hear you saying, "Oh my gosh. Let's do one more." So this time, I will grab the pink peonies, shall we? Oh, actually that's going to be cute, too. Pink peonies. So sweet. All right, but this time I shall grab the raspberry. And actually you can mix and match your colors here. So whether you want to go like that, whether you want to grab a single strand in the same color as the link so you're doing a reverse. I really like doing an alternating color. So what I mean by that is, so for example, this pink is being carried here, and then this raspberry is being carried here, so it's a nice flip, bit of a twist. And then if you prefer the monotone of color, here you go.

So here we go again. This is the triple for the raspberry. Let's see if I can get this happening. Okay, flip the triple, bring it around, and there you go. How cute is that?

So go and get your sparkles. Have a little play. Or actually let me just show you quickly. So once again, you can do this of course, whether it's with the Sparkle Sisterhood pendant. Okay. Oh, uber cute. Uber cute. That's my new word lately. Kristen's like, "Oh, you think you're so cool, Mum." Uber cute.

Oh, actually let's have a look at something. Whether you want to do it with a tassel. Maybe you want to pop in a tassel. That's a really different look, isn't it? Oh, that's gorgeous. And let's go last but not least. Oh, girls, the magma in the cushion looks amazing with raspberry. We cannot believe it. When you put it near, that's the magma. It is, right? Yeah, that's the magma. It actually looks raspberry when you put it with raspberry, it's just incredible. So anyway, go get your sparkles. Get your playing on. Get yourself in front of the mirror and take a look at it. It's just so cool. See what you think. Enjoy.