Introducing The Stunning Shell Pearl Pendants

May 09, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


We're excited to introduce a new product - our stunning Shell Pearl Pendants. These beautiful beads are coated with shell powder that gives a gorgeous sheen and are available in the colours Olive and Cinnamon 💖

The new accessories give you even more possibilities to style your 10 Way Necklace and create many new different looks that are classy and timeless. 

The pendants are all sold separately and come in all 3 magnet colours. 

Watch Maria demonstrate fabulous ways to style the Shell Pearl pendants

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Round Pearl Shell Pendant

Round Pearl Shell Pendant

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. We have this beautiful new product in stock, and it's actually a pendant where it's a shell pearl pendant. Now what it is, it's got a beautiful layer of what was shell and they've crushed it down to be like a powder, coated it onto a perfectly smooth round bead and this is the effect on it. It's just beautiful. It's available in rose gold, yellow gold, as well as silver. And these are all sold separately, and I'll show you what it adds to a 10 way necklace.

There's a lot that it adds, but this is just a little bit to get your juices flowing. So they are sold separately. Like I said, sold separately and you can pop it in just to make a completely different look. Whether you want to make it medium strand with one to one side, whether you want to put one on each side, if you like a bit more balance in your designs, whether you like to have one by itself in the middle and wear it as just a sweet bit little pendant, something completely different to anything we've ever had before, which is just beautiful. And then if I pop the triple strand back on, you can then pull it to the side and add it into the triple necklace styling, which is just, oh my gosh, just beautiful. I'm so happy with this. And it looks amazing.

The other wonderful thing is that this can be added in very easily to other pieces that we've had. So for example, these are the clear leaves. And if I choose to put a clear leaf above and below this pearl pendant, it adds even more decorative value or do it the other way. Put the pearl either side of a different item and have that be the decorative bit that shows off the pendant in the middle, whether you use a very subtle clear pendant, or whether you use something a bit more bold like the lovely Aventurine oval stone. Wow. It really does add a beautiful pop of color.

The other stunning color we have this available in is the beautiful cinnamon. There it is in the yellow gold, the rose gold, as well as the silver. Looks equally beautiful in all three colors. Now, let me show you with a bit of long styling, whether you want to add the cinnamon pearl in to the long stranded necklace. Just by itself, adds a beautiful pop of color that is just so, so sweet. Then if you wanted to add ... this is the black oval pendant or any pendant that you have to go in between and then pop another one underneath, which is just divine. You can just as easily grab a cream pearl pendant and pop that in the middle. That is just wow.

And of course, going back to the single strand styling, you can also of course, get this piece here. Get a single strand instead of the long strand, leave this as a feature at the front and even leave the long strand on to frame the whole thing. I love framing different designs that you've created, and let's pop in a lunar pendant just for a different look too. Now, like I said, these are sold separately. They're only $19 Australian each, so they're super, super cute. And just for kicks, I really want to see it with the white angel rock stone. Oh my goodness. So anyway, they're available now. The stylings are just getting started, because it's such a new product, and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Click the link below, if you'd like to have a closer look.