Introducing The Stunning Tourmaline Range!

May 12, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, our new Tourmaline Range is in, and it's BEAUTIFUL! 💜

It's a stunning combination of pink, green, white, black, sage and charcoal, and it's simply divine. It's incredible to think that all these colours come from one stone!

Tourmaline promotes confidence and happiness and reduces fear, and it will be a wonderful addition to your collection.

As tourmaline is natural and unique, the connectors are smooth, and the small stones in the range are faceted. The 10 mm beads have a more intense colour while  the 4 mm ones are more subdued.

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Watch Maria demonstrate the unique range and ways to style it.

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Long Strand Necklace



10 Way Necklace

(Video Transcript)

The Tourmaline Range has come in and oh my goodness it is beautiful. It is a stunning combination of colors that are now shades of pink that are incredible, shades of green that are amazing. Then you've got little speckles of other colors like whites, blacks, charcoal. There's some sage in there as well. Look at this, just truly incredible. It's amazing to think that all these colors come from one stone. Now, these are all available now, the entire Tourmaline Range. There's a couple of things to discuss because the stones have so much variety in color. The connectors are smooth in the Tourmaline Range so that's that. There're the connectors and the small stones are faceted. So as you can see, it's pretty tricky to get the same tone of color from the 10 ml. The 10 ml typically, does become a more dense color and intensity. And the 4 ml are all, very generally speaking, a little bit lighter than the connectors. Now, just beautiful.

As I said, the connectors are smooth stone, the 4 ml are faceted so that gives that beautiful sparkle effect as it goes in which is the great thing about this is, it lends itself to be a little bit dressy because of the sparkle and a little bit more casual because of the smoothness. Now, this beautiful, precious stone is known to promote confidence and happiness, reduce fear and that's just beautiful. I mean, it's just divine. So of course, we've got it in the tassel, the long strand that I've been wearing as a bracelet and the 10 Way necklace, we've also got connectors. Now, the earring is a little bit tricky because there's so many different colors in the stone.

What we decided to do is have shades of this color. So we've got the green at the top, the lighter color in the center and the pink down the bottom. So we'll be offering it to you in the long earring just because we need to fit in so many different colors. So that's it there, really pretty and what I thought about putting the pink at the bottom was regardless of whether you had short hair or long hair, the emphasis will be placed on the bottom stone which is the pink. So that's the gorgeous Tourmaline Range. Just amazing and I hope you like it. There will be a link, necklace and bracelet available in a couple of weeks and for now we've got the gorgeous Tourmaline entire Range. er>