Just In: Pink Hamilton Scarf and Angel Wing Pendants

July 21, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ladies, meet our new Hamilton Pink Silk Scarf. It comes in a pretty mix of grey, the softest pink, and touches of purple that will give your outfit that feminine vibe. So divine!

It will also look fabulous with our new Angel Wing Crystal Pendants in Amethyst and Lavender. These pieces are so delicate and beautiful and will give you just the right amount of sparkle. 

Watch Maria demonstrate stunning ways to style the Hamilton Pink Scarf and the Angel Wing Pendants and get inspired!

Shop the Hamilton Pink Scarf and the Angel Wing Pendants today!

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Silk Scarf
Hamilton Pink

Angel Wing Pendant

Angel Wing Pendant

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. Now, do I have a fabulous bargain for you with this product that we just launched.

Now, this gorgeous silk scarf is the same size, the same quality as always that we launch in our beautiful silk scarves. Really, really pretty. The colors are gray, like a wash. It's really lovely, like silvery gray at the end, mixed with like a pink, touches of purple through here, beautiful pink through the middle and then again, repeated at the end.

Now you might notice something a bit different. In this one the tag appears in the middle. Now we've done our supplier a bit of a solid. And just in case you don't know what a solid is we've done him a favor. He had some silk scarves ordered by another company and they overproduced and they don't want them anymore. Now it's a company called Fella Hamilton, always like to be completely transparent. The label unusually is in the middle and normally it says the name of the company that we buy them from.

Now, he gave me a really good price on these. The quality is the same. The only difference is the label is not theirs and it's in the middle. That's the only difference and this is gorgeous.

Now, instead of selling it for 79, the way we do, we've got it on sale for $55. Now we've also got the 20% off happening so it actually comes down to $44 for a beautiful silk scarf, 44 Australian dollars for a beautiful silk scarf. This is divine.

Now whether you want to wear it like a wrap, the way I often do, let it hang just like that. Or whether you want to double it up, it's got some really beautiful, very, very soft colors in it, it's a very pretty scarf.

Now the other product that we launched in this week, too, is these beautiful angel wings. So they're little wings. I'll show you them. They come in two different colors and we're selling them as a pendant. Now there's the amethyst over here, so sweet, and then there's the lavender one right there. I was just wearing the lavender with this, which actually goes with the scarf beautifully and the lavender one, right there, there we go, which is cute. Oh, that goes, too. It picks up this purple here.

So let me see if I can get it on the white here, just so you can get a better look. Oh, that's better. There you go. That gives you a really good appearance of the color. So that is lavender and that is amethyst next to it. Okay. So really, really pretty. Of course, they're normally 39 and they're 20% off as well so they're a really, really good buy.

Now here's some styling with the pendant so this is super cute. They're kind of a bit longer than a heart, a small heart, but not as wide so they're a nice kind of medium-sized pendant. You can dress this down easily.

Now, as you can see, I'm wearing it with the short single strand there. Don't forget with these pendants that hang from the middle, you get less room here so you may find that it's a little bit shorter in the neck than what you would've liked.

That's where our mini connectors and our medium strands come in because if that's the case, you're not alone. So you have the option of popping in mini connectors, just like that so it adds more length. It's decorative here, it just looks like it's part of the necklace, really and then it ends up sitting wider. Then if you want to, I'm just going to show you a little design, you could pop that above, just like that, or even pop it below, which is super cute.

Now we've also got medium strands in most of the colors and that just is a... Not a 50, yes, a 50 centimeter medium strand. Let me show you. Here we go. I've got one in the lilac so let me show you the lavender one. No, no, no. This is how the amethyst, for all you purple-loving ladies, amethyst looks with the lilac and here is how the lavender looks with the lilac crystal. Look at that. That is so sweet. Very, very cute.

Now, yes, we sell a medium strand in the color of every single 10 Way necklace range and that is because... Basically when our customers ask us for something, we listen. We got some feedback saying they find the single strain that comes on the 10 Way necklace too long, I mean, too short, could you make it longer? Then I said yeah, but we're trying... Then the women that it fits perfectly, or they even need it tighter, are then left with a strand that's too long.

So we brought in the medium strand necklace, which actually works really well. Because what they will do is they'll take off the single strand from the 10 Way necklace, pop in the 10 Way necklace to the medium strand and then they've got this for extra decoration and/or a double wrap bracelet, which is super cute. So nothing goes to waste. You do end up using everything. Oh, my goodness. That's lovely. Lilac and pink looks amazing together.

Now I wanted to show you this as well. Say I leave the two connectors on and you can pop in, let's pop in the lavender. So that's aww, well, that's just totes adorbs, isn't it? Then when it's up to you whether you want to, for example, pop in a long strand, once again, to give it a bit of framing. That is cute.

Last but not least, of course, you can wear a long strand with the pendant hanging down the middle, nice and simple and casual, or double up the long strand and wear the pendant short. How cute is that? So check out the new products. They've just arrived if you like them now.