Just In: Stunning Italian Leather Bags 🇮🇹!

May 05, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Ciao, bella! We're beyond thrilled to introduce our new product - gorgeous woven Italian leather bags! 🇮🇹 😍

I fell in love with these genuine leather bags on my trip to Italy a couple of years ago, and now I’m finally able to bring them to you. 

The soft bags have a beautiful weave, short and long straps, and come in 6 colours:

🤎 Tan 💙 Blue 🖤 Black 💚 Olive 💛 Yellow 🤍 Sand

Style them with your favourite outfits and trust me - you will never want to go back to any other bag ever again!

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Watch Maria demonstrate the bags.

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Italian Leather
Bags Tan

Italian Leather
Bags Blue

Italian Leather
Bags Black

Italian Leather
Bags Olive

Italian Leather
Bags Yellow

Italian Leather
Bags Sand

(Video Transcript)

Hi, everyone. I hope you're well. Now, as a few of you might know, I did manage to go to Italy right before COVID hit Australia a few years ago now, and I bought this beautiful woven leather bag and it was amazing. And I've been tracking the manufacturer down ever since I left. Yes, I did write it down while I was there, but I only just refound it. And I am thrilled to report that we now sell these gorgeous Italian genuine leather bags.

Now this happens to be my bag. And so it comes at a beautiful tan, absolutely gorgeous. You can see the weave here, it's just beautiful. There's an ever so slight sheen to each and every part of the leather there. And it is so soft. As you see it melting in my hands, it definitely just melts away, so it's just beautiful.

I'll just show you the inside. Like I said, this is my bag, so I hope it's not messy. No, it's pretty good. Okay, so it's got one zip compartment, which I keep a pen, lip gloss, that kind of thing. Of course our lip gloss is there with a jewel on top. And I keep a few compartments in my bag. Yes, I love tan. That's how I go. So there's not individual compartments inside, it is just one open space, a zip pocket on one side and two insert pockets on the other. All the colors that I'm about to show you, the inside lining is a lighter color of the outside leather. And then all the little pockets aligned with a bit of leather as well. It does come with a long strap. There is woven both sides, like this. No pockets on the outside at all. So I fell in love with this bag so much I actually didn't care what the inside looked like and I must have been... I'm super happy with mine.

At the time in Italy, I bought a black one. I've worn it every single day for over two years, two and a half years. And I have not had a single issue with it and I still love it. Now I have two. So this is the tan one, I absolutely love it. So I'm wearing it with the brown [inaudible 00:02:22] and the white Roman, just in case you're wondering.

And let me show you another color. Now we also got a beautiful blue color. This is amazing. It's not navy, it's not cobalt. It's a color kind of in the middle. People are calling it denim. The Italians and us are just going to call it blue. That's it. Because it's very hard to put a name on this one, but it's beautiful.

As you can see, the strap is plain leather, not woven. There's the weave again, it's divine. Now let me show you, the insides are exactly the same. Inside lining is the same. I've got some bubble wrap in here just to make it look nice and full. Here is the lovely leather strap, really nice and soft again. And what you would do to apply the long strap on it is this is like a... I don't know what they call that, a spring loaded clip, pop it onto one of the metal hoops on one side and then onto the other metal hoops on the other side.

By the way, I'm wearing it with a navy fan kimono, which is now on sale, along with the Sapphire 10 way necklace. So you've got your long strap there, I haven't even lengthened it. There's still room to make that longer. Here it looks like an off body. Now, the original strap is not removable, so what you would do is push it up against the body, wear it on the inside. And here it sits as a cross body before I've even lengthened the long strap, so that is the blue there.

Hold the phone, I shall get you the black one. This is the beautiful black version in the Italian genuine leather bags. As you can see, beautiful, woven on both sides, plain black handle, long handle inside included, and that's what the inside lining looks like. So here it is, just gorgeous. Classic black's going to go with every thing.

Now here is the sage leather. Oh my gosh. Wow, it's just incredible. The color is... You either love sage. Also, known in Australia as khaki or it's either a color that does it for you. And it certainly does it for me. I love this color. It's stunning. Again, exactly the same. I'm wearing it with the off-white peacock feather kimono and with the Indian agate, which just picks up on all the colors beautifully. There's the inside of the bag and just, wowser. Beautiful, beautiful color. There's one more that I have to show you.

And then there's the stunning yellow, absolutely beautiful. We've got a very small number of these simply because it's kind of like, it's quite a bright color, but as you can see with the certain outfit, it's beautiful. So it's really, really, really lovely. It just adds a pop. And even though I'm wearing print in the kimono, I think it's called, which is just gone on sale. It just looks amazing.

So I hope you enjoyed our stunning range of leather bags. I am so thrilled to be able to offer all of these to you. It's very exciting for me, especially that I fell in love with my bag those couple of years ago. I've thoroughly enjoyed sourcing them and bringing them in. So click the link below and have a really good look at all the videos that I've made on every color now.