Just In: The Stunning White Jade Range!

July 11, 2022 by Author Maria Nicola


Sparkle Sisters, we're thrilled to introduce a new stunning addition to the 10 Way Necklace range! Say hello to the gorgeous White Jade! 💎

It's ever so slightly translucent, goes with literally everything and looks fantastic with every colour from the White Howlite stone to all the crystal shades. 

White Jade is now available in the 10 Way Bundles.

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Watch Maria demonstrate the range and share some of her favourite styling ideas.

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White Jade

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White Jade

(Video Transcript)

Hi everyone. I hope you're well. We have had a new addition to the 10 Way Necklace Range and that has been incredible. The gorgeous white jade. It is just the most beautiful, soft white ever so slightly translucent. So it's just beautiful. And of course, it goes with everything. There are tassels long strands, everything that it's available as well and looks of course fantastic in all three magnet colors and is just beautiful. Let me show you a couple of different styling ideas. Now, if you were to wear it with the white tower light stone, it's going to go beautifully. The two whites together are so lovely and fresh and just look amazing. Don't you think? And then of course, all the crystals really there's no wrong. You can do with this white jade whether you put it with gold. Oh wow. Nice and fresh. Whether you put it with pink, it's just lovely.

It seems to bring the brightness out in the colors, whether you put it with labradorite as well, just a gorgeous little shade of difference. There's similar, but definitely not the... Oh, sorry, that's not labradorite. Oh, there you go. I was thinking that looks a bit similar. This is labradorite. So, look at the beautiful gray. Oh my gosh. Yup.That's a little more like. And then of course, when we start to delve into colors, it's just incredible. So, you've got the purple crystal with it. So, no matter what you're wearing, it really is going to pick up on everything. The raspberry, it's just a nice, soft way to add white.

We've had the white highlight before the cream pearl before, and they are beautiful and yes have been incredibly popular, but both are quite bright. So, this is a way to add white to your styling without having it take over the styling and just being a little bit more of a backdrop color. It definitely is a softer, more subdued way of style. Look at it here with the Indian Agart you see? Can do no wrong. And then colors like red. If you like to do some red and white styling for Christmas, red and white always look beautiful together. Just amazing. And even, so I would say the adventuring stone, it's not unsimilar. So, even if you go two soft colors, that's it. They're very pretty. So, this is now available in bundles as well across the entire white jade range.